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a buyer is looking for a custom coat to be made. please click the link for the original thread with the buyer's name and link to picture of coat wanted.

Posted at 3:44 pm Apr 22, 2012 EDT

archiveth says

This post has been removed.

Posted at 10:48 pm Apr 23, 2012 EDT

This post has been removed.

Posted at 7:25 pm Apr 24, 2012 EDT

Moving this request...

KerrysCreations23 from KerrysCreations23 says

I'm completely open to what this is printed on, but I need a eulogy printed on something along with a picture. The eulogy is about a page and half typed. Any ideas? Pic can be sent as JPG. Please help! THANK YOU!!

Original thread can be found here...

Posted at 5:53 pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT

thanks Sarah! I really hope someone can help me out. thank you!

Posted at 12:54 pm Apr 26, 2012 EDT

This post has been removed.

Posted at 2:37 am Apr 27, 2012 EDT

hello I am doing a craft show in October I wanted to put a post here if anyone wants to advertise there shop with cards or a small sample product message me. If you have a good deal on wholesale items let me know. If you want to send some cards for me to put on the table that is cool to.

Posted at 3:09 pm Apr 28, 2012 EDT

eruckman from eruckman says
Edited on Apr 29, 2012


Hunger Games themed birthday party invitations. Need to invitation styles, one more detailed for the kids invited and one simple which will be sent to the family members.

Specifications available upon convo.

Posted at 10:11 am Apr 29, 2012 EDT

Moving this one to the correct thread...

youareadaisy says

I am looking for door pulls that are the bar type. I need the screw centers to be 3 1/4" (84 mm) apart. I am thinking along the lines of rustic, black, iron, or something of that style. I am in Canada (Alberta). I need two door pulls. Thanks so much!

Here is the original link...

Posted at 7:34 am Apr 30, 2012 EDT

Time to open for May!

Posted at 8:14 am May 1, 2012 EDT

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