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To request:
Put as much information in this thread as possible about what you are looking for. Most sellers glance at this thread a few times and day and can see when new requests are made easily. Sellers will begin to contact you either for more information or to bid on your project.

When you receive bids:
It is helpful if you respond to the bids within a reasonable amount of time (of course this is not a requirement but it sure is nice!)

When you have found a seller for your project, kindly contact me so that I can delete your thread or you can post in the same thread to let us know to delete your post. While this is also not a requirement, you will continue to get bids until the post is deleted.

If you don't get bids:
This team is rather new although we now have hundreds of members. This means that there is a chance you may not get the amount of bids you were hoping for. We want to help you! If after a few days you have not received any bids, let me know and I will do some searching to help Etsy sellers find your post.

Please, if you have any questions at all, just let us know! We are here to make this a wonderful shopping experience.

Posted at 2:26 pm Jul 1, 2012 EDT


New thread for July. Don't forget to check back in June as there were many requests placed towards the end of the month.

Posted at 2:27 pm Jul 1, 2012 EDT

pesca says

This post has been removed.

Posted at 2:44 pm Jul 1, 2012 EDT

SharenBear says

I am a buyer who is looking for someone to make me a pink hippo key cap/topper/cover... Not sure what exactly you'd call them... But they are usually made out of rubber and are designed like cupcakes and skulls... Etc... But they just fit right over the top of your key... Can't find one ANYWHERE!!!! :[ so if anyone can make one for me... I'd REALLY love to have one... I'd like it pink, and look like a cute clip art type... Just the head of it... Willing to send pics of what I'd like it to look like if anyone is capable of making one. Thanks!!

Posted at 4:20 pm Jul 1, 2012 EDT

I am looking for some dance fabric remnants (about ONE HALF YARD of each) - plain pastel colors - peach, apricot, light blue, light lavender, light yellow, light mint, or any other pastels - no florecents or bright colors.

I would like 4 way stretch medium weight but will consider 2 way stretch. I would prefer it all come from one person to save on shipping.

I will consider up to a yard if it is something I can use. This will be used for dancewear so prefer lycra or spandex mix with nice stretch - not see thru.

Will consider whatever you can offer. I have spent hours looking through shops and finally decided to try here.


Posted at 8:50 pm Jul 1, 2012 EDT

A buyer (future bride :)), looking for someone to make me a replica or a very similar tiara. Would buy the item if it was available anywhere, but this is just a random picture of a hairstyle and I cannot find a tiara that would look exactly like this anywhere :(

CHANGES: as my dress will be ivory color, I would also like the tiara to be in ivory color (ALL the elements - flowers, pearls etc.)

The picture of the tiara:

The more flowery and organically it looks, the better! :) I'm looking for a "fairy" appearance.

Posted at 7:06 am Jul 2, 2012 EDT

stariron says

I am a buyer, looking for someone to make me a replica of 2 men's shirts that are no longer available for sale (originally made for sale in fall 2008 fashion season). If the product was still available for sale anywhere (I would simply purchase it). I considered creating a facsimile myself but I lack the skill\talent\time\etc.

Here are the pictures:

Shirt #1:

Shirt #2:

I need them to be very well tailored, immaculate as they will be given as a gift. Size is: Men's Small. Obviously you might simply purchase 2 similar shirts and make the custom 'modifications\additions', after the fact.

Contact me with any particulars\questions.

Posted at 8:07 pm Jul 2, 2012 EDT

I am a buyer looking for someone that can make either a baby onesie or baby shirt that has a godzilla design/print on it. Something cute like:
except with the city of tokyo, godzilla is destroying
something along those lines. Contact me if you can do this! Thanks!!

Posted at 9:32 pm Jul 2, 2012 EDT

tracyb3285 says


I am looking for someone to make a 2 by 2 quatrefoil wood sign. It doesn't have to be heavy or anything. I need it to be painted (I am still determining the color) and written with words in nice scroll

Ryan + Tracy
June 15, 2013
Charleston, SC

This is for a Save the Date card and our engagement photos. If you don't know what a quatrefoil is, I can send you the shape.

I am looking to spend about $15-$20.

Thanks so much!

Posted at 10:43 pm Jul 2, 2012 EDT

Hello! I'm looking for a Halloween costume I have my heart set on: Sriracha sauce!
I want a green hat (maybe on a headband) that is the top, and either a red bottle costume for my body with all the exact labeling on it, or maybe a dress, I'm open to either! I'm really into Halloween and carefully plan out my costume every year. I'm 5'5 around 145 pounds. Please help me make my Halloween dreams come true!

Posted at 11:41 pm Jul 2, 2012 EDT

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