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Original Post

..remove it from your Pinterest board? I have a "stuff I made" board, so technically it could stay. But I make my quilts without a pattern, so I couldn't make an exact reproduction if someone wanted one.

Also, how in the world do you cut and paste the full picture and description of things on Etsy? Everyone on here is doing it; all I get when I try to 'cut and paste' is a string of words describing, instead of an actual link.

Posted at 8:23am Mar 28, 2012 EDT


Morning Tanya,

I also have a board on Pinterest that I use to promote things that I sell. I personally do not take them down when I sell an item, simply because I like the idea of people still seeing my style and knowing what kind of items I sell or have sold. Instead I edit the description to say "SOLD" so people know they can no longer purchase it.

As for the link, that is something I will have to look into, I have never investigated that either.


Posted at 8:37am Mar 28, 2012 EDT

Thank you! Dealing with computer stuff makes me feel like a frusterated 2-yr old. (But I do all my screaming and throwing things on the INSIDE.)

Posted at 8:41am Mar 28, 2012 EDT

So do you want the link to your item included in the description or the actual description of the item? I am researching this now.

Posted at 9:03am Mar 28, 2012 EDT

Have you ever made a pattern?

Posted at 9:49am Mar 28, 2012 EDT

Kate- um...yes? :-) I want to see the item listing, with picture and little description. Like on the "pin the one above you" posts.

Rebecca- My "process" is terribly organic and disorganized. I suppose technically I made a pattern for my profile pic- I drew a big moon, and then sewed fabric chunks together until it fit. For the background I just cut a rectangle that seemed to be the right size. (Honestly, it's a wonder anything ever gets completed.) But I'm not a 'saver', so I couldn't reproduce it exactly. I should probably work on that.

I'm the sort of person that asks her fabric what it wants to be. :-)

Posted at 10:33am Mar 28, 2012 EDT

i remove sold items from my board.

Posted at 11:27am Mar 28, 2012 EDT

I have a variety of boards. If something sells I leave it there. I have fun with Pinterest. I post what I like, and that includes many of my pieces of jewelry. Since it is not a shop, but a gallery of beautiful things, I do not think there is a need to remove an item that has sold.

Posted at 11:55pm Apr 16, 2012 EDT