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Original Post

Thea from fibrous says

I have just a two links for this week. Not because any lack of information (there's a whole lot out there), but because this first link has tons and tons of info (and links):
Etsy's Social Media Week:

One thing I don't see mentioned on that page though is Pinterest, but I happened to write a blog post about it late last year:

Posted at 7:35 pm Apr 3, 2012 EDT


Thea from fibrous says
Edited on Apr 3, 2012

I think I understand Social Media more than any of the other topics we've worked on, so like always please ask if you have any questions!

And sorry for the lateness of this week's topic, I had some non-etsy stuff happening this past week that required my attention.

Posted at 7:36 pm Apr 3, 2012 EDT

Thanks for these links Thea. This is my biggest downfall.. not getting involved enough in social networking.

Off to read through.

Posted at 2:33 pm Apr 5, 2012 EDT

Definitely going to be studying this!
Monique has been my little FB Angel and super helpful, patiently explaining how some things work on Pages.
Hopefully I can get to it this weekend and get un-dummied about FB!

Thanks Thea, you're a life-...I mean store-saver.

Posted at 4:34 pm Apr 5, 2012 EDT

Thea from fibrous says

No problem guys, another thing to consider is that social networking takes time to cultivate, time that you could be spending creating, and a blog, twitter, pinterest, flickr, facebook isn't necessary for your business.

It's really not necessary to do them all, but it might be helpful to concentrate on whichever one (or ones) you think your target audience will most likely be found.

My quick summary of SNs:
blog = informational/lifestyle
twitter = networking or to establish as an expert in your field
pinterest = visual, good for creating your brand's story and interests
flickr = visual, photos that tell a "story" often work well
facebook = a way for your customers to keep updated on your project, and for you to have a direct connection and interaction with them

I've found that my facebook page has a lot of customers/potential customers, while my twitter page has a lot of other Etsy sellers.

It's important when on social networks that you write for your audience. So on twitter I would share a link to the etsy merchandizing desk, on Facebook I would ask if anyone has a favorite breed of dog.

Posted at 2:01 am Apr 6, 2012 EDT

Peggy, Alysen and Robin from ChicChixnChampagne says
Edited on Apr 6, 2012

Thx for the guidelines Thea.
A lot of people say to mix in some personal stuff on their FB Fan pages, but then I wonder if that's the same as a blog? Like how-tos or follow-alongs are more for the Blog in my opinion. Or are we talking about short topics to get your public interacting with you?
What's your idea on that?
Edited to say: Also I just learned that when you Like or Fan a Business Fanpage with your Fanpage it doesn't count as a "Like". I understood that it did count when I read about the new fanpages.
Just something that should be clarified because alot of us are/were confused about that.

Posted at 4:20 am Apr 6, 2012 EDT

Thea from fibrous says

Alysen, yes it used to be the case that your like wouldn't "count" if done from a fanpage, but I haven't heard that it's changed - I just did a quick google search and I didn't see any news on this subject.

Frankly, I don't always like fanpages with my personal account. For friends and people with a low "like" number I do it to be nice, but if someone has 5,000 likes I sometimes don't bother.

It's not actually a numbers game, if you have 5,000 likes, and only 100 are actually interested in your product, the other 4,900 aren't generally very helpful. I think it's more important to have quality likes than quantity likes.

How-tos are for blogs, I don't think I've seen them on a Facebook page, doesn't mean it can't happen, but really you can only post so many words on a facebook update.

Monique actually does a great job with her facebook page www.facebook.com/uniquenique02

Take one of her updates -
"Have you noticed how easy it is to go from "crazy in a funny way" to "borderline psychotic" when you live with teenagers?"
It gives you a little glimpse into the person behind the brand, but not enough where it's too much information.

Posted at 8:38 pm Apr 6, 2012 EDT

Thea, I got that recent info from over on the FB team on Etsy, I'll see if I can find the post.

"In order for the total amounts of likes to increase for a page you must like the page from your personal profile. if you like from your page it will add it to your pages favorites, but the amount of likes will not go up."

Scroll to the middle of this page:

Yes, Monique has a nice balance and has a good audience too. A good example for all of us.

Posted at 3:03 am Apr 7, 2012 EDT

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