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Original Post

Thea from fibrous says

Some general tips for marketing from the Etsy Mentor blog:

"- Have great photos. Most of marketing is a visual experience, make sure your images are the best they can be. Take the time to learn how to get them looking great.
- Choose a marketing style that you are comfortable with. You don't have to be like that pushy sales guy at the car dealership, you can be more subtle and advertise your work with great photos, humor and genuine interest in other people.
- Don't let marketing take over your life. Allot a certain amount of time per day/week to promotions and stick to it.
- Build friendships with those you meet on social networking sites, it is not about the quantity of friends you have but the quality of those relationships that is important.
- Always keep your communications professional. Don't become whiny, rude or argumentative - this will quickly damage all the work you have put into it.
- Once you have built a reputation and people know about you, you don't need to spend so much time on marketing because Word of Mouth will do a lot of the work for you."

There's some interesting marketing on outright:

Half way down this forum post is a list of free places to advertise:

There's also small things you can do, like add your Etsy shop to your email signature. And there's a way to add actual listings to your email signature:

If you make jewelry wearing your items is a free way to advertise

Business cards are a form of marketing, I get mine from moo.com, but vistaprints have cheaper ones.

Posted at 9:09 pm Apr 9, 2012 EDT


Thea from fibrous says

So this is week #7, can anyone think of another topic we could cover?

If not we'll go back to week 1 and work on our photos again.

Posted at 9:10 pm Apr 9, 2012 EDT

Acckk! Can you believe it's already been 7 weeks??
I'll take a look at those links.
Thank you Thea,
Good idea to start the photos again, since it seems to be a running dilemma with most of us.

Posted at 3:50 am Apr 10, 2012 EDT

Good points here. Very well put... and absolutely, word of mouth is THE best advertising there is.
Thanks once again for these links to check out Thea.
I think starting over to see where we are with our photos is a great idea.

Posted at 10:56 am Apr 10, 2012 EDT

Thea from fibrous says

Sounds good, we'll be starting over with photos again next week!

Posted at 12:00 am Apr 13, 2012 EDT

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