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- Please don't start your own threads. We want this to be an easy and painless way to promote your shop - you won't have to search for hours for what you need. If you do start a new post, your post will be deleted, all replies to the post will be deleted and the topic will be closed.

- Make sure you read the rules (if there are any) for each thread. If the guidelines aren't followed, you run the risk of your post being deleted and being removed from the team. We want this to be as fair as possible and get the most out of promoting ourselves!

- The last rule is easy ... participate!! The more you participate in the threads, the better it is for your shop!

♥ Thanks!

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Original Post

I saw something like this with another team that I'm on and thought it was pretty cool ... here's how it works ...

- Look at the most recent item posted in this thread
- Pick an item from YOUR OWN shop that has at least one color in common with the last item posted
- Post your item to the thread

Easy! I hope you guys like it!

Posted at 12:13pm Jul 1, 2012 EDT