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The team is welcome to anyone who curates treasuries, sells items in keeping with a darker aesthetic, or is just interested. Join if you want to be a part of a community of curators, sellers, and buyers who adore the dark, eerie, freaky and odd!

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Original Post

palemoth says

We don't bite, I promise. ;)

Posted at 11:56am Feb 28, 2012 EST


damnfrenchdesserts from ArtificialiaRoom

Changed from damnfrenchdesserts on Mar 18, 2017


Hey, thanks so much for inviting us to be part of your Team! These are Damn French Desserts , Purveyor of Exquisite Knick Knack.

We offer customized, personalized and handmade stationery creations such as cards, notecards, invitations (weddings, birthdays, parties, special occasions), tags, labels, little books, vintage looking games and gifts for people with an endless wicked good taste but limited budget.

We also provide digital works in Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop: Customized Stationery, web sites, micro sites, banners, profiles, small ads ...

Thanks so much for reading this far. Feel free to drop us a line anytime!


Posted at 2:31pm Feb 28, 2012 EST

palemoth says

Beautiful work! So glad to have you aboard. :)

Posted at 2:54pm Feb 28, 2012 EST

Hey everyone,

My name is Francesca and my shop is InkandRoses13. I design and create Day of the Dead inspired jewelry. Thanks for the invite to the team! <3

Posted at 3:23pm Feb 28, 2012 EST

woohoo, Im excited, Ive been looking for a dark - treasury-making team!! Im such a treasury whore and I love it, so get used to being featured.
By the way, Im Chymiera, Chy for short <3

Posted at 3:38pm Feb 28, 2012 EST

Nadja Sand from DreamSand says
Edited on Feb 28, 2012

Welcome aboard Francesca and Chymiera!

Posted at 3:40pm Feb 28, 2012 EST

I've held back on some of my digital photography, thinking there might not be much of a market for it on Etsy, so I'm glad to see this outlet. Some of my stuff is admittedly airy-fairy. I'll try to keep that off of here and post some of the darker stuff. :)

Posted at 3:48pm Feb 28, 2012 EST

palemoth says

Welcome, guys! We're happy to have all of you! Also, don't be shy, if you're a seller feel free to post your items in our "What's For Sale" thread. Every bit of promotion helps; we know it's hard to get exposure in the vast sea that is Etsy. :P

Posted at 4:02pm Feb 28, 2012 EST

Hi everyone
I am Larry Vienneau. I am a printmaker and painter and live in Florida. I used to live in Alaska and Minnesota. Got sick of the snow but not my favorite birds, ravens and crows.

Posted at 4:25pm Feb 28, 2012 EST

Hi and thanks for inviting me to this cool team! I love anything dark and haunting, mysterious and esoteric. I was very lucky to go to Europe a couple times and visit lots of mysterious chapels and churches full of hidden treasures that, if you're not looking, you won't see. It fit right into my passion for the other side, so to speak.

The Sacred Maiden

Posted at 6:20pm Feb 28, 2012 EST