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TEAMWORK has the following requirements:

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Anyone who is willing to help each other by promoting and fav'ing, people who want to learn about BNS/BNR's, those who are addicted to BNS/BNRS and people who are willing to be respectful to each other!!

Oh and let's not forget.....Anyone who wants to have FUN FUN FUN!!

Please introduce yourself!

There are a number of fun threads and activities to join in but make sure to read the instructions before randomly posting.


Our tag is TEAMWORKTEAM for treasuries and one or all of your listings! Whatever works for you!


I would also like to mention that team leaders are the only ones that can curate a TEAMWORK BNS. Also, when posting in the threads please do not post a new thread without asking the captain first.

These are two problems that I have faced recently and although I did not want to have specific rules, it seems that they are necessary.


Thank you and remember to be respectful to the other members of the team.

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Original Post

Add your new items that you want fav'd and then please take some time and fav for the people before you!! I will run through every once in awhile and favorite for you!!

Posted at 3:48pm Feb 29, 2012 EST

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Katie B from KatiesCreativeCorner says
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If you are going to post items here please ♥ for the 5 people before you! I go through and ♥ for everyone when I get a chance!

Thank you!

Posted at 3:51pm Mar 12, 2012 EDT


Wonderful Items April!!

Posted at 9:48pm Feb 29, 2012 EST

Tim from teaman says

Hello folks, treat yourself or someone you love to healthy and delicious hand blended teabag samplers!

Super Sampler!
Fruity tea Sampler!
Iced Tea Lovers!
Green /White Teas!
Black Teas! Decaf/Herbal Teas! Variety Sampler! You Choose 15 Blends! You Choose 10 Blends! You Choose 5 Blends!

Gorgeous Gift Tins and Tea Chests... Tea Chest full of teabags! Variety Sampler in a Tin! Choose 15 Blends and a Tin! Choose your Tea and a Tin!

Maybe a Loose Leaf Tea Sampler for a loved one?

Healthy and delicious hand blended teas at the best prices anywhere!

Posted at 4:53pm Mar 1, 2012 EST

Tim the Teaman!!! Your teas look fantastic!

Posted at 5:48pm Mar 1, 2012 EST