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Original Post

I looked through and didn't find a thread of this nature (could be staring me in the face)--can we start a thread to give advice to each other about specific listings? It's not about self-promotion, it's about providing support.

For example, I have 3 listings that several other teams and people in my life have helped me think of a few suggestions, but I can't understand why they are not getting more views (let alone selling) as I think they are good product, priced very well. Any suggestions, critique, etc deeply appreciated! And I'll answer other peoples posts.




Thanks in advance!

Posted at 11:53pm Jul 2, 2012 EDT


Donna Readler from DonnasEarthlyDelites says
Edited on Jul 3, 2012

OK, having no experience in the vintage trade, you can take my suggestions with a grain of salt! :)

For your first listing, maybe take a picture with some of the items in an arrangement as if for play. Just setting up a few of the buildings, animals and people would make for an appealing photo.

For your second listing, do you think you could get a photo of all ten necklaces hanging side by side (preferably in rainbow order of colors--the eye is naturally drawn to that color arrangement). Again, I think this would give a better visual impact and would at first glance give the potential buyer a better feel for what is included in the listing.

For the last listing, I think maybe you should use your second to last photo as your main photo for the listing, it is a little more organized and seems more appealing to me. And maybe throw in a couple of skeleton keys to the lot if you have any--people are crazy for those keys nowadays! And I see you have steampunk as one of your tags, maybe also add "steampunk supplies" or something like that to your title and description as well.

Hope this is helpful!

Posted at 3:12pm Jul 3, 2012 EDT

Thanks so much Donna, I think I am going to re-do the pics for #1 and 2 for sure and add an old key to listing 3, but not up the price :)

thanks again!!

Posted at 7:50pm Jul 4, 2012 EDT

Kirsti says

Here is my dilema: I could use some suggestions!
I like pics of my kids blankets without kids in them, and yet, I think using my kids in some of the pics give an idea of the product, and a variety...any thoughts? It is challenging to find a balance-any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Posted at 3:43pm Jul 7, 2012 EDT

Kirsti says

I forgot to add that in the description, I do have pics of the blankets without kids, and vice versa...and the pics above are just a few examples!

Posted at 3:44pm Jul 7, 2012 EDT

kristi-- that is a dilemma. I am not any kind of photo expert!!! however, I think it might be nice to keep doing a mix for the cover photos (close ups w/out kids and ones w kids) but to make sure each kid-related piece once you click on the item has a mix of both pics. hope that makes sense :) I would also (and I totally fail at this sometimes) do the pics as bright as possible!

Posted at 7:35pm Jul 7, 2012 EDT

Kirsti says

thanks, amanda, for the feedback! i am doing as you had suggested...and will probably keep it that way for the time being....and i am totally working on getting brighness in my photos! i will keep working on it!

have a beautiful saturday night!

Posted at 7:38pm Jul 7, 2012 EDT

one more thing, after looking at your shop, I would suggest the photos where you use the kids in the product as the cover photo be as "close up" as possible :)

have a great sunday!!!!

Posted at 7:55am Jul 8, 2012 EDT

Kirsti says

yep...sounds like a good idea!

Posted at 8:03am Jul 8, 2012 EDT

This sort of goes with the sharing critical etsy tips, but is for specific listings.

Donna made a great suggestion to me and I think it helped me get some extra views on a specific listings.

Feel free to post a specific listing you want a critique on here!

Posted at 11:06am Jul 14, 2012 EDT

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