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Original Post

What to do with Made to Order items? Considering that we are paid only after we ship?

With Paypal and Google Checkout, the order is paid in advance.

I will not be able to create Made to Order paid with DC, since I want the funds before I create the items special ordered.

How do we handle those with DC payment?

Posted at 10:12 am Mar 26, 2012 EDT

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Camilla Velasquez from millabear says
Highlighted Post

Hi everyone,

I want to clear up something about my earlier posts in this thread. I was mistaken when I said that it's acceptable to post separate listings for the deposit and items.

Etsy's current policy says that each item must have just one listing, and that no listing may be conditional upon the purchase of another listing.

We know that installment payments is an important facet of custom orders for many shops, as a way to access funds prior to shipping, and we're continuing to work toward solutions for this.

I apologize for the confusion.

Posted at 3:11 pm Apr 9, 2012 EDT

Nicole Grazioso from nixknits says
Highlighted Post Edited on Apr 11, 2012

Hopefully I can provide some clarification on this issue for some of you. Etsy's policies state that each listing must represent a tangible item for sale and should not require the purchase of another item. This affects listings for things like deposits, shipping upgrades, add ons, etc.

Sherrytruitt is correct; part of the reason for this is that it could artificially inflate sales, feedback, etc, and could also become messy if a dispute were to arise.

I do want to stress that we understand that this is a concern for our sellers and, as Camilla mentioned, we hope to be able to provide a solution to this down the road.

Posted at 6:15 pm Apr 11, 2012 EDT


Most of my orders are custom orders. I've had 3 transactions through DC already and I am still in my initiaI 10 day hold period. I am lucky to have enough reserve in my PayPal account to pay for the shipping costs so the waiting period is not an issue for me.

Posted at 11:31 am Mar 26, 2012 EDT

The question is about the fact that made to order are paid in advance, before the creation of the items.

It works with Paypal and Google Checkout but not with DC since we are supposed to get our money after shipping.

Posted at 11:34 am Mar 26, 2012 EDT

I really don't have an answer for you other than don't offer DC. If you don't have the materials you need on hand and have to wait for the payment before purchasing materials that might be your only option. Or you could possibly mark it "shipped" before it's really shipped.

Posted at 1:01 pm Mar 26, 2012 EDT

Please don't ever mark something shipped that isn't. That's not ethical.

Most of the items in my shop are made to order. The customer does pay upfront, we just don't get paid by etsy until the item ships. The customer doesn't know you haven't gotten the money.

I really don't see the problem. Once you have things in the pipeline you are always getting paid on Monday.

You can't run a business that close to the bone, where you use the funds to purchase supplies for each order you get.

Posted at 1:41 pm Mar 26, 2012 EDT

Jossiani from artinsilk says
Edited on Mar 26, 2012

sherryfruit, I could bet offended by your comment but I will not, as I realize that you have no idea what my business is about. I have been in business for 3 decades and I do not operate close to the bone.

Over the years I have got orders for weddings that were up to $3000 retail price and the silk and other supplies were about $800 to $1000.

Because this kind of large wedding orders are personalized for the customer only, they were uniquely created for these customers therefore, like with any large custom orders deposits were required.

I will use Google Checkout for those...

Posted at 2:34 pm Mar 26, 2012 EDT

Sherry - just to clarify, I never mark an item shipped until it has. I was only making a suggestion.

Posted at 2:46 pm Mar 26, 2012 EDT

My remarks were not meant to offend, Jossaini. I think it is awesome you have been in business for 30 years. I guess Direct Checkout isn't for everyone. I too, have extremely large wedding party orders where great sums of money are involved. I simply like DC because it is the most hassle free way for the customer to pay.

Posted at 3:40 pm Mar 26, 2012 EDT

I'm not doing DC in my purse shop - I've got to have that money in my PayPal account so I can order silks and linens for the bridal clutches. I've got DC in this shop as a test to see if it will help boost my sales any.

Posted at 3:55 pm Mar 26, 2012 EDT

Camilla Velasquez from millabear says
Edited on Mar 26, 2012

Hi everyone,
Thanks for the good dialogue about this. It's important for us to understand the myriad use cases associated with early deposits so we can build tools for these kinds of situations. Here's what I recommend for deposits, which I think some other sellers are doing: create a deposit listing for just the amount of the deposit/down payment, if youre having a dialogue with a buyer about a large order. You can click shipped for the deposit, so long as a buyer understands that this "shipment" is really about closure of the early deposit and that another payment is coming.

Hope this helps,


Posted at 4:03 pm Mar 26, 2012 EDT

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