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Original Post

with paypal when someone wants a shipping upgrade we can invoice them for it. what do we do with direct checkout if someone wants a shipping upgrade? we can't invoice them, right? we can't do a listing for a shipping upgrade?

Posted at 5:31pm May 8, 2012 EDT


I agree with you. We definitely need a way to invoice for shipping upgrades. As it stands now, I have no idea how we would handle that.

Posted at 6:05pm May 8, 2012 EDT

Draw a picture, or use a penny made before 1993.

One's considered handmade, the other is vintage. Those are both Etsy legal, just be sure to send the picture or penny. List something like that with the expedited shipping price and you can combine the two orders.

Hopefully there is a better solution, but that is the only one I can think of at the moment.

Posted at 6:07pm May 8, 2012 EDT

From what I read in another post, it is against policy to have listings for upgraded shipping, etc.

Posted at 7:17pm May 8, 2012 EDT

so back to my question. how do we accommodate our direct checkout customers if they want a shipping upgrade since we can't charge their credit card? help!!!

Posted at 3:43pm May 9, 2012 EDT

can't you send them a paypal invoice which they can pay with their credit card?

Posted at 3:55pm May 9, 2012 EDT

but if they are using direct checkout as their preference then why should we have to ask them to now use paypal? they may not have paypal, want to use paypal, or be out of their guest checkouts.

if we can't provide them with full service then there are flaws that need to be addressed. this is not that much of an out of the ordinary request.

Posted at 4:55pm May 9, 2012 EDT

Etsy really needs to figure out how to send an invoice for these type things. Even if the seller sends a pay pal invoice then etsy loses that part of the sale. Seems like this would be high on importance for etsy to figure out.

Posted at 6:33pm May 9, 2012 EDT

This happened to me this week and my customer does not have a paypal account and was at her limit to use her credit card with paypal.. She wanted Priority Mail International.

I made a reserved listing for her without saying what it was for. Doesn't the customer come first?

Posted at 6:59pm May 9, 2012 EDT

sherry I would have done the same thing. I really wish we could get an answer to this question or more importantly a solution to this obvious problem.

Posted at 7:14pm May 9, 2012 EDT