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Original Post

Occasionally, I offer a shipping upgrade for a fee which I have traditionally acquired via PayPal's invoicing system. Does Etsy's Direct Checkout offer a similar feature?

Posted at 10:27am May 18, 2012 EDT


No. You either have to set up a lisitng (which is against the TOU) for your customer, or cancel the sale and add it to the price. That's unprofessional and embarrassing.

This happens to me frequently. I either use my Square or eat the cost. But, I then have to ask the customer for the cc card # via phone or email.

Once I tried to invoice a DC customer with paypal for the upgrade and she was at her credit card limit for paypal and did not have an account. What a mess!

Posted at 10:37am May 18, 2012 EDT

We definitely need some more options for this. Fortunately so far, the customers I've had to invoice for Priority Shipping etc. paid with Paypal and I was able to do it the old way, but I know this is going to come up eventually.

Having different shipping options at the point of checkout would clear up most problems in this area.

Sherry, what do you mean by a square, I must be out of the loop?

Posted at 10:49am May 18, 2012 EDT

If I may answer for Sherry , I believe she means the Square reader -- it allows you take take credit cards from your mobile phone.

thanks for the answers. Ugh. OK, well I guess admin knows that we want this and here's hoping they give it to us soon (that's my slogan for today).

Posted at 11:47am May 18, 2012 EDT

Thanks, Fern. Yes, what Fern said, Debora. It's risky to take a cc number over the phone or by email. There are times when there is no choice.

If someone wants overnight mail and they've only paid $2.00 for 1st class, that's a lot of money to eat out of pocket.

I'll jump on the "here's hoping they give it to us soon, bandwagon" It's way too nice out to think other wise!

Posted at 12:19pm May 18, 2012 EDT

Sherry, I think right now you would probably have to cancel the sale, refund the money , and make a custom listing for them to purchase.

There is a beta test going on right now with shipping upgrades, maybe more shipping options are on the horizon

Posted at 5:12pm May 18, 2012 EDT

Sherry, why is setting up a listing against the TOU? Thanks!

Posted at 6:29am May 19, 2012 EDT

It's against etsy's TOU to set up a listing for any item that is not an actual item for purchase. That includes shipping upgrades, deposits for work etc.

Maybe someone will come along with the link, I know it's in another thread here.

Posted at 8:31am May 19, 2012 EDT

here is the thread i started on this topic. as you can see there is no response from admin.

Posted at 9:25am May 19, 2012 EDT

Faith from AlaiynaBSoaps says
Edited on May 19, 2012

I use my Propay account to email invoices to customers for upgrades like shipping. It is the same as using Paypal email invoicing but it is direct credit card and the customer does not have to deal with Paypal limits or accounts and I don't have to have them call me with their credit card info and process it manually. This will work for those who already have a propay account or want to get one. Because they have an annual fee, it is not a solution for those who do not have an account and would only use it for this purpose.

Posted at 9:36am May 19, 2012 EDT

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