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Original Post

Hi, I apologize if this is already addressed somewhere, but I couldn't find anything...

I've been using DC without any problems for a couple of weeks, but I got an order today where the email says "We wanted to let you know that you have a pending sale of 1 item.
We're still processing your order and will send you a confirmation email as soon as it's ready.
Do not ship this order until it's finished processing."

That was an hour ago and I haven't gotten anything else from Etsy. Every other DC email I've gotten has just been a summary of the transaction and is ready to be shipped immediately.

Does anyone know what this is about? Should I just wait it out and see what happens?

Thank you!

Posted at 4:28pm Jun 22, 2012 EDT


I have had 2 over the 4 months I have had DC. You will receive another email within a few hours clearing the sale.

All it means is that the credit card didn't clear immediately which could be anything, doesn't mean a bad card.

Don't renew the item until you get the next email on the chance that the sale doesn't go through, etsy relists it if the sale is denied.

Posted at 5:10pm Jun 22, 2012 EDT

ah, thank you so much, Lauren! That is good to know. I really appreciate the info!

Posted at 5:14pm Jun 22, 2012 EDT