Direct Checkout can someone help me understand this?

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Original Post

I just opened direct checkout about a week ago. I understand that etsy makes a deposit once a week and that the funds will not be in my shop account until I ship the item. what I don't understand is that I have clicked ship on more than 10 items. It has my total where it says account balance, but where it says "available for deposit" there is a big fat zero. how do I get my money to be deposited? I'm not liking this lack of control over my funds. Can anyone tell me what's going on?

Posted at 10:53am Jun 25, 2012 EDT


Rachel from 2TrickPony says
Edited on Jun 25, 2012

hello jennie!

the first thing that happens with the direct checkout is the bank where the funds go needs to be verified.
that takes a certain number of days - did you go in to your account and complete that part?

after you are verified, the funds will be deposited every monday, unless you request the deposits sooner.

I hope that helps - the DC has been working fine for my shop, but getting used to a new way of taking payments is a little weird in the beginning. Hang in there!

Posted at 10:57am Jun 25, 2012 EDT

thanks so much rachel! Do you know how I can complete the verification process?

Posted at 11:11am Jun 25, 2012 EDT

did you give etsy a bank routing number?
they should put a small deposit in,
you check with your bank, and you'll see them, they'll be like .04 cents or something. then you go to your DC account and find the spot to put those numbers in.

Posted at 11:17am Jun 25, 2012 EDT

Also remember that once that part is done, there is still a one time 10 day hold on funds! Nothing to worry about just another security measure on their part.

You can also turn off DC until you are fully verified and the 10 days are over and then turn it back :)

Posted at 11:28am Jun 25, 2012 EDT

thanks so much for all the help guys. I didn't even notice that there was a message at the top of the page asking me to verify my bank account. ha. woops. thank you all!

Posted at 5:06pm Jun 25, 2012 EDT

I have verified my bank and have had two deposits in the last two weeks..I have sales back to June 19th that add to over 100 dollars...I'm not seeing this money anywhere...What time of the week do they post what they will deposit on the following Monday..Right not it's there anywhere that I can go to see that these payments have been made..and maybe not cleared..This is so tidious...I can't see them anywhere...I'm like Jennie a big fat 0...and I also don't like the way we have no control...even to see what is going on...Help me please..I'm not sure about this...Janet

Posted at 5:51pm Jun 29, 2012 EDT

After the 10 day verification process is over, funds are available for transfer. These are not automatic as you have to mark each item shipped. Once each item is shipped you have to wait three days for the money to show up as available in your account. This money will be deposited to your bank account in the afternoon on each Monday. It takes 2 days for this transfer to hit my account. I hope this explains the process.

Posted at 7:55pm Jun 29, 2012 EDT