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Original Post

Amy from BabyDear says

I'm sorry if this has been asked a million times, I looked through the first few pages and then tried searching and got an uh-oh.

Anyway, I'm switching to a new bank account, it tells me I need to wait 10 days for my first deposit, but will I also need to wait for 2 small deposits to confirm like I did the first time? I can't find anything saying I need to do it this time, but I wanted to make sure. I don't want to delay a deposit any longer than I need to.

Thanks :-)

Posted at 8:24pm Sep 21, 2012 EDT


Hi Amy - No worries. This is a great question as we recently changed this process. As you noted, you will still have a 10 day hold, but now, you will only receive one small deposit 3 to 7 days after entering your bank information. Once you find the small deposit to confirm your bank account, no further action is required on your part. If you don't see this deposit please let us know!

Posted at 12:42pm Sep 22, 2012 EDT

Amy from BabyDear says

Thank you! So do I need to enter the amount of the deposit somewhere, or is it fine as long as I see goes through?

Posted at 2:09am Sep 23, 2012 EDT

Amy, you'll probably need to enter the amount, like you did the first time. On your Etsy site, there should be a link with this matter pending, you click on that and it should prompt you to what's next to be done. I hope to have made sense .

Posted at 3:07am Sep 23, 2012 EDT

Mary from ohmama says

I never had to click on anything to verify a deposit was made to my bank. Etsy took care of everything and made it super easy.

I also requested the 10 day bank verification be waved and they did it for me, no wait. Ask to see if you qualify for this.

Posted at 10:23am Sep 23, 2012 EDT

Amy from BabyDear says

I don't see any matter pending link. Heather said no further action is needed, it just seemed too easy!

Thanks guys :-)

Posted at 3:26pm Sep 23, 2012 EDT

Mary from ohmama says

Ha Ha, "easy" is good!

Posted at 3:39pm Sep 23, 2012 EDT

Karyn from LLFarm says

Thanks for the answers. My question is when I switch bank accounts during the 10 day hold can I still use the old bank account to have funds deposited into? Or do I have to wait the 10 days with no funds transfered?

Posted at 8:19am Sep 29, 2012 EDT

I believe it would be as if you were opening a new account - since they have to activate the new account once you have switched from the old account. Therefore, you would have to wait for the 10 days, as if you were opening a new account.
Last week, I when updated my into, I incorrectly typed a wrong # on my exp date. Once I corrected it, I again had to wait 10 days for the info to be updated.

Posted at 10:59am Oct 1, 2012 EDT

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