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Original Post

Lets show all of our spooktastic items here :D

With Halloween just around the corner, what would be cooler than some spooky ducks to sit on your porch! They would scare the tricker treaters away :P x

Posted at 10:09 am Sep 23, 2012 EDT


Those are great, Kimberly! I just ordered some Halloween themed soap molds, so I'm pretty excited to get to work on those. It'll be my first foray into holiday themes :p

Posted at 12:41 pm Sep 23, 2012 EDT

Niki from trainstopjewellery says
Edited on Sep 23, 2012

I do a range of stuff in my shop so it isn't all strictly geeky! I have quite a few halloween pendants though. Probably the most geeky is my Aye-aye pendant as you would only know it was scary if you know the legend behind the creature as it is thought by the Malagasy people to be a symbol of death:

Other than that I have a load of Shakespeare quotes from vintage cuttings from books and an upcycled stamp with a witch and bats:

Posted at 5:35 pm Sep 23, 2012 EDT

Jen from ShopDeliciousThreads says
Edited on Sep 24, 2012

Also available as a PDF pattern download:

Posted at 7:03 pm Sep 24, 2012 EDT

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