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Original Post

Hi Everyone!
Would you mind telling me where you get scenery background for AGD? Also, where can I find shoes for BFC dolls ? I found sets, but I don't need the clothes, only the shoes.
Thank you!

Posted at 3:16 pm Sep 4, 2012 EDT


Not sure what a BFC doll is.

Posted at 6:11 pm Sep 4, 2012 EDT

Are you talking about the American Girl Scenes & Settings? There's usually some on Ebay like this:

Posted at 7:19 pm Sep 4, 2012 EDT

I googled BFC (Best Friend's Club) and this is what I found:

Posted at 8:58 am Sep 5, 2012 EDT

Thanks - I had a hard time wrapping my head around BFC.

Suzym - has shoes that fit the 18" doll. Not sure what size the BFC doll uses, but would assume it is similar to the AG.

Posted at 12:00 pm Sep 5, 2012 EDT

Yes, Cher, this is what I am talking about ! Thank you!
Med Welch and ADollsNecessities thank you so much for the links, I am going to check them out now ...

Posted at 5:46 pm Sep 5, 2012 EDT

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