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Original Post

Sari from SariBlue says

Hello TAGers!
Here we go with the week of MTV Frenzy!!
Are you ready? If you have not been part of TAG when there is a major event taking place then hold onto your fascinator, because it is a wild and wirly ride!
Awesome of course: Keep your eyes and ears open for the event updates and sightings of celebs with TAG items.

Even if you are not directly involved with the event, as a TAG member, you are part of the big picture and the push to not only promote the event, but the group as a whole.

These large events can be very beneficial for you as a TAGer, if you use your membership and networking to your advantage. Blogging, tweeting, posts of all kind are not just for the artisans who are featured or participate at other levels. If you can engage your reader about the group as a whole, the event in anyway, your view on it (gifting), doing a guest spot on one or more of the members involved, the next time there is an event and YOU are participating you will have that many more readers, followers, experiences about the events and hopefully CUSTOMERS!

Of course, the networking component of the big events is terrific, the TAGers who help other TAGers promote are AWESOME and will certainly see returns on their supportive efforts.

So with that, this week's challenges are:


If you are in the mood to make a Treasury of your favorite TAG shops, this week let's put together T's for those participating in the GBK Event for MTV. Any TAGer, at any participation level should be considered for this theme. Here is the Event Guide to help find who is on that list:


So if you don't have a twitter account your challenge for the week is to get one! ;) That will fall under the category of "doing something for yourself"..... It is not hard to do, and it is not as cryptic as it seems. Just jump in, if you can use Etsy or Facebook you can use Twitter

SO WHY TWITTER: Just another form of marketing and media and another potential audience for your fine shop. We all know we have follow parties and I hope we have made a lot of progress following one another, but then what?
In order to register any benefit from your social media, you actually need to use it :D
So the challenge this week as it relates to TWITTER is this:

IF you are a seasoned TWIT (LOL) you know what to do, you know your style and you know how to send out TWEETS that makes sense for your handle and shop.
So: A) Seasoned Tweeters send out 5 Tweets to/about/regarding/somehow in relationship to 5 different newly followed Etsy TAGers.
B) If you are pretty good on TWITTER, but still feel like you need to warm up to the idea of it send out 3 TWEETS about 3 different newly followed Etsy TAGers and at least 2 Re-tweets of other TAGers.
C) If you are totally new to TWITTER, GOOD FOR YOU!! Yippee!!! Play around have fun. RETWEET At least 5 TWEETS from Etsy TAGers. Be sure you follow as many TAG members as you can find while you are playing and see what type of tweets they are sending out, you will get the hang of it.

One thing I really like to do as a thank you and added nicety in using TWITTER, if someone has created a great T and included something from my shop, I of course click and thank and add a comment to the T, but the other thing that is help is to TWEET out the Treasury URL and I usually add the Curators shop URL also. Curators are sometimes in a thankless position, and helping their shop get some direct attention could never be a bad thing :D

So one last thing about TWITTER: If you get a new account, be sure to add your handle to your ABOUT on Facebook and also on the directory within the team page on FB.
Then this weekend, watch the sparks fly as TAG once again tries to take over the virtual world by TWITTERFORCE!
Have a great week!

Posted at 5:11pm May 29, 2012 EDT


Sari from SariBlue says

You know I thought of one more thing that can be super helpful from a TWITTER front.
It would be great to start a list of #HASHTAGS that everyone finds helpful for promoting your Etsy listings and Treasuries through TWITTER.
We have #bestofetsy #handmade #etsybot2 the list can be endless, but if we had a thread that listed them it would be a great resource when stumped and looking for anything specific. I will add the thread if you all think it a good idea...

Posted at 12:03am May 30, 2012 EDT

Sari from SariBlue says

Hi all, I know everyone is super busy but here are two things that may be useful and of interest:
#1 This shop I found is going out of business.
The woman (CINDY) is very nice and upset about closing the shop but cannot compete on Etsy in terms of price point so she is selling off her charm inventory. If any uses these small items, check her our, she is negotiating on price and quantity. I told her I would get the word out so if you give her my name it would be cool, I do not know her but feel like we can support any woman in tough times.

#2 AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!
I got an email this morning that I had been Treasured, which is always a nice way to start the day, here is the content of the email:

Posted at 10:30pm Jun 1, 2012 EDT

Sari from SariBlue says

you've been treasured amongst members of the artisan group! please stop by for a visit...make sure to favorite the T and share w/ your friends for maximum exposure! thank you!

have an extra moment? stop by & 'like' my FB page & follow me on twitter to keep up w/ my treasuries, sales & special discount codes!

no need to reply to this convo...happy friday!


SERIOUSLY: This was the best use of self-marketing via a Treasury I think I have ever seen! WHY? The note was first focused on, well me! Included my shop in a nice way, along with my favorite team, and then VERY VERY PROFESSIONALLY AND PRIVATELY asked for a tiny bit of time and support. Directly, kindly, simply ASKED FOR IT!!!!! I was so engaged by the note and excited at the level of professionalism, rather than look at the T, I went right to the shop! SERIOUSLY, and well, let me say, if the note makes you think "smart cookie" as it did me, wait until you see her shop!!!! #AWESOME work, gorgeous work! A photographer to be reckoned with. Images that appeal to a mass audience along with accessories that are adorable, but that is not all, the images of the images and items are outstanding. The shop layout is literally the best on ETSY. And the I had a hard time not hearting everything in the shop. Great work, great business model, lovely person with what I hope will prove that hard work and continuous improvement can and will pay off! PLEASE PLEASE tell her she rocks, because she does, heart, favor, follow and like, share, she deserves it! WHO IS SHE?

Posted at 10:40pm Jun 1, 2012 EDT

Sari from SariBlue says

Here is her shop link:
And for good measure a few of my favs, but you need to see the flow of the business and layout!

Also check out her banner! You learn a lot about who she is simply by looking at her banner!!! COOL RIGHT?

Peace, love to you all!

Posted at 10:45pm Jun 1, 2012 EDT

Sari from SariBlue says

Ok shutting it down

Posted at 9:34pm Jun 4, 2012 EDT

Sari from SariBlue says

new week

Posted at 9:34pm Jun 4, 2012 EDT