Canetsy - Canberra Etsy Team Canetsy BNS Round 1 - Wow what a response!!! Its still going, please support your teammates

Who can join?

Canetsy - Canberra Etsy Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Any Etsian Shop Holder who is located in the Canberra region and has an Etsy shop promoting Australian Hand made or crafted quality produce.

You MUST be an active Etsy Seller living in Canberra, or the area/ region around Canberra, Australia.

What does our team do?

Our focus is to create a team community for Etsy Sellers in our region. This is a place where members can ask questions, get advice, exchange ideas, support other team members, organise catch-ups, participate in Etsy courses together and encourage members to cross promote on their own social media and though family, friends etc. We also promote the idea of shopping local and buying handmade.

Our Goal:

Is to provide members with continued support, education and to promote our online Etsy Shops via our Etsy Team Page, Facebook, Pinterest Board and Instagram. And also to promote our members offline ventures ie. Markets, Fairs etc. Our ultimate goal is for team promotion to increase sales in our Etsy Shops.

The official tag for the Canberra Etsy Team is "canetsy team"

Restricted and Prohibited Activities
1- Stalking, harassing or being nasty to members.
2- Posting private contact details of other members.
3- Canetsy expects all members to produce original work and respect copyright.

Violations may result in a warning, suspension or permanent removal from the team.
If a problem occurs between members it is not to be discussed on the Forum or in the Etsy threads, please PM a CANETSY Admin to help you work out the problem.

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Original Post

Good morning everyone, just wanted to give you an update of the first BNS.We are at the beginning of Day 2, have had currently 361 views, 275 clicks and 30 admirers!! Fantastic :) It's a great way to help support your team mates, if you can stop click, favor and comment.

Why do this? Well, here are the benefits:
It helps to raise awareness of your shop.
The more you comment, the more people get to know your shop sign/avatar
The more you expand the favs in your circle, the greater the likelihood of someone looking at your shop
You are creating more awareness of Australian shops and handmade goods
It helps to promote your sales
You are helping out teammates and giving good karma out which will hopefully return the good will to you!

Here's the link if you want to stop by and say hello...

Posted at 6:58 pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT


The BNS is going great!

I've also decided for the next 24 hours or until the end of this BNS, whichever comes first, I will increase the discount in my shop to a huge 20 percent off !!! !!!

Use coupon: BNS20 in handmadebygemmie :)

Also, all my bunting is now free shipping within Australia so it's a great time to grab a bargain!

Love the Canesty BNS!

Posted at 1:40 am Aug 5, 2012 EDT

Hi Gemmie, I am really excited we are over 600 views with 7 sales! Brilliant going are all amazing! please drop by if you haven't the BNS runs till tomorrow night to accommodate the US weekend.....

There are quite a few coupons for sales in the BNS everyone so if you are thinking of shopping local or have been eyeing something off for a while then come on over!!

Posted at 5:49 am Aug 5, 2012 EDT

Well we are closed! What a response! Thanks so much for everyone who dropped by to say hi, promoted and favored...

We had 902 views, 552 clicks 47 admirers and 10 sales!

so overall I think we can call it a success! Keep an eye out for the next call for BNS Rd 2..

cheers K

Posted at 8:10 am Aug 6, 2012 EDT

great effort everybody and super duper effort from Kylie.

Posted at 8:45 am Aug 6, 2012 EDT

Wow it went amazely well! Thanks for the work you put in Kylie.

Posted at 7:50 pm Aug 6, 2012 EDT

Thanks guys, we all did a fantastic job, and we wouldn't have had so many views if everyone didn't help promote. I just had to readjust the tally as the rules are that if multiple items are purchased in the one transactions they all count as 1 sale - if that makes sense? So I've readjusted it as I want to start out doing things the right way. :D

Posted at 5:09 am Aug 7, 2012 EDT

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