Canetsy - Canberra Etsy Team Members

Who can join?

Canetsy - Canberra Etsy Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

You MUST be an active Etsy Seller living in Canberra, or the area/ region around Canberra, Australia.

What does our team do?

Our focus is to create a team community for Etsy Sellers in our region. This is a place where members can ask questions, get advice, exchange ideas, support other team members, organise meet-ups, participate in Etsy courses together and encourage members to cross promote on their own social media and though family, friends etc. We also promote the idea of shopping local and buying handmade or upcycled/repurposed goods.

Our Goal:

Is to develop a like minded local community of makers and sellers who can support each other in their Etsy endevours. We will work together to promote our online Etsy Shops via our Etsy Team Page, Facebook, Pinterest Board and Instagram and we will also promote our members offline ventures ie. markets, fairs, exhibitions and showcases etc. Our ultimate goal are to bring members of the Canberra region community together and for our team's joint efforts to help increase the profiles and sales of our Etsy Shops.

The official tag for the Canberra Etsy Team is "canetsy"

Restricted and Prohibited Activities
1- Stalking, harassing or being nasty to members.
2- Posting private contact details of other members.
3- Canetsy expects all members to produce original work and respect copyright.

Violations may result in a warning, suspension or permanent removal from the team.
If a problem occurs between members it is not to be discussed on the Forum or in the Etsy threads, please PM a CANETSY Admin to help you work out the problem.

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