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Original Post

Anyone can join!! Feel Free to post things you have made on here!! =)

Posted at 7:54pm Mar 13, 2012 EDT


hi, i am new on this site and just opened my shop a few weeks ago as have just started doing my own sewn items take a look at my work as any feedback is welcome from experienced sewers!

Posted at 6:32am Mar 15, 2012 EDT

must say amy i'm liking this bag...

Posted at 6:34am Mar 15, 2012 EDT

Hi I think your shop looks great good luck, remember promote promote promote.

Posted at 7:09pm Mar 17, 2012 EDT

Kerri Bren says

Hi I am new to Etsy, I am on my kindle so cant post any pictures but wanted to say hello! My name is Kerri :) My shop is pretty bare but I am working to fill it up!

Posted at 4:16am Mar 18, 2012 EDT

good luck kerri i am new here too,but any questions on any thing please ask

Posted at 5:32am Mar 18, 2012 EDT

Hello, Just joined and happy to meet others with the sewing bug.

Posted at 2:21am Mar 22, 2012 EDT