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Who can join?

WithLove is a moderated team with the following requirements:

:: How To Become a Featured Shop ::
If you have never been featured on the FRONT PAGE or if it has been at least 9 months since you have been featured on the FRONT PAGE, please apply by completing the Featured Shop Application here:

(also on the left side of our team page)

Shops are featured in the order in which they apply. If your shop is not ready for the FRONT PAGE (flash photography, dark photography, etc) we ask that you read through our public threads for help. Once you have made improvements to your shop, we hope you will come back and apply to be featured again. Nothing will give us more joy than to see you transform and succeed on Etsy.

Due to the amount of applications we receive, and the fact that this is volunteer work, we will not be able to provide one –to-one training. Instead we have created several PUBLIC threads discussing the many facets of how to succeed on Etsy. If you still have unanswered questions, feel free to submit them to the Q&A form. There is a link in each PUBLIC thread. Your question will be posted to our Q&A thread within 72 hours and will be answered by our members.

:: How to become a Member ::
In order to qualify for membership, you must have curated 1 FRONT PAGE treasury in the last month or 5 FRONT PAGE treasuries in the last three months. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY if you do not meet these qualifications. As soon as you land a FRONT PAGE, we are more than happy to have you join our team. European FP counts!! Please include a link to the treasury showing the FP comments.

Our categories will NEVER be full.

:: In Addition ::
> You must curate 4 treasuries per month that include a featured shop(s) and tag them "withlove". These are not "team" treasuries. They simply show us that you are a part of our program.
> You must be an upstanding Etsy member with excellent customer service and a solid reputation for kindness, generosity and above par ethics working alongside other teammates.
> You must abide by Etsy's TOU and Dos and Don'ts at all times. BNRs may NOT include the tag "withlove" or be a part of this program.

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