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EtsyColorado is a moderated team with the following requirements:

* All members must have a Colorado shop location.
* Team members must earn 12 activity points each month to remain on the team. Activity points are earned through treasury curation, promotional activities and other team related projects.
* Team shops must adhere to all Etsy guidelines and maintain a positive customer service record.
* Members must be willing to participate in team discussions, critiques, shop improvement exercises, and promotional activities.

Please note that we are not accepting shops that primarily sell jewelry, as we are full in this category at this time. If you choose to apply, we will review your application when an opening becomes available.

When reviewing applications, we look for shops with varied item selection (at least one full page of listings), awesome photography, proven treasury-making skills, and an up-to-date, artistic aesthetic OR shops with excellent potential and a demonstrated willingness to learn and improve.

In your application, please tell us why you want to be a part of Team EtsyColorado. If you have more than one Etsy shop, please let us know that as well, but you'll need to apply separately with each shop.

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Original Post

share some tips you have for other members here! we can all use these little things to help us improve!

--> use all 5 photo slots. you're paying the $0.20 regardless, so use them up!

--> try to use all your tags. colors, descriptions, get creative!

--> include measurements in your listings (or use a coin for reference if you sell small items). your zoom feature can be misleading to people if they don't know exactly what they're getting.

--> use a clear bright photograph. (there are photography tips in june's shop topic improvement thread!) natural lighting is the best (could also be misleading to people if you use faux light and a different color comes through)!

Posted at 12:04 pm Jun 10, 2012 EDT


Here are some tips on making treasuries that I poached from another team that I'm on... These should help increase our chances of having a team treasury reach the front page. Some of the tips are new to me, but I hope to try them out soon. For example, I had no idea Schmetsy didn't work very well for sending convos (bummer, because it's so convenient!):

*Focus on mostly using items that are NOT team items. Sounds crazy, right? It's not! Etsy is looking for diverse treasuries that include different types of shops and items. If we use 6 team items as a base and then take the rest from former front page items/Etsy Finds emails, etc., then our treasuries will appeal to more people, get more views and hopefully make the FP. If most of our team treasuries are 100% team items (assuming that treasury isn't marketed widely) then we are effectively just promoting ourselves to ourselves which doesn't get us anywhere!

*Strive for at least 50 views on each treasury. This goes along with the "promoting ourselves to ourselves" problem. If your treasuries often only receive 20-30 views, then they are hardly reaching out beyond the shops you have featured. Joining a treasury promotion team is by far the easiest thing to do (just search for "treasury promotion" under teams and you'll see a whole slew); you can also stumble it; post it on facebook; can Pin an item from it; blog about it; tweet it; etc.

*And of course make sure you convo every shop that you feature to let them know. I have stopped using the Shmetsy convo tool since it does NOT work on shops that have changed their names--which is an ever-increasing number of shops, making the "tool" pretty much useless.

If you have a chance to try these things out, let everyone else know how you think they work!

Thanks and good luck!
Mountain Mama

Posted at 10:02 pm Jun 10, 2012 EDT

Hey all,
I just tried this quick Etsy app, Shoptimizer, to get ideas on what I can do to improve my shop. It was so fast, easy and helpful-- try it!

Posted at 12:22 pm Jun 20, 2012 EDT

In addition to using all 5 photo shots, try hard to take one or two photos on a different background. For some computer screens, one of your shots might not show up well due to monitor/contrast, etc. so having a second shot with different light and background, there is a chance it will look good in the alternative.

Posted at 4:02 pm Jun 20, 2012 EDT

Hi all,
I just came across this list of tips on how to make a front page-worthy treasury in a discussion from another team I'm on. I think it originally came from an Etsy forum, from Etsy staff:

A few tips to curating for the front page:

*On- and off-site curations are planned around trends and seasonal themes outlined at the beginning of each month in the Merchandising Report. Curate, title, and tag your collections around these themes and increase your chance to be surfaced by our merchandising team.

*Dynamic photographs always help. To encourage engagement we look for images that entice shoppers to click further into the site.

*The front page sees a broad audience of shoppers, each with a different prize in mind. We like to feature a diversity of items -- for example including furniture, illustration, housewares, accessories, and clothing, instead of a single kind of items -- and variety of price ranges that draw in visitors of all kinds.

*Be aware of trends as they emerge -- as motifs become hot we'll feature them more prominently on the site. You can find a list of current search trends on our interest-based shopping pages.

*Does the collection present a cohesive and attractive collection of items? Experiment with compositional techniques as you curate to make your collection really come together.

*Featured treasuries must contain 16 items, though only the first 3 rows will appear on the home page. The bottom row serve as alternates as items sell.

And a few things we avoid:

*A featured list must contain no items from the Treasury curator or from their alternate accounts.

*Has this seller been featured recently? We strive to showcase a broad diversity of products a range of sellers that represent the creativity of the people who sell on Etsy. Though not always possible, we will try and avoid repeatedly featuring sellers who have recently been featured.

*Sellers or items that are not in compliance with Etsy's policies as outlined in our Terms of Use and DOs & DON'Ts. Our Marketplace Integrity and Trust & Safety teams work with sellers to ensure compliance.

*Collections that feature a single shop multiple times.

*While we appreciate more adult tastes, the front page must remain suitable for general audiences.

*Treasuries that feature items sold by Etsy staff or Admin.

Posted at 4:21 pm Jun 27, 2012 EDT

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