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Original Post

Debbie says

I've been searching and searching, and can't find the thread on which platforms for Website is the easiest.

1. I'm not techie - I do not know anyone techie who can help me.
2. Although I spend more time then I should on here, I have 2 little kids who do need to eat, so I can't spend 12 hours a day on it.
3. I will be needing a check out cart eventually.

And I need opinions. knotty notions dot com is already taken.
I'm in Canada. If I take knotty notions dot you think people would still find me?

Thanks!! - MAJOR newbie here.

Posted at 6:16 pm Apr 30, 2012 EDT


SharonH says
Edited on Apr 30, 2012

No C-panel, plenty of free templates that are easy to alter to your style, integrated shopping cart (just add your paypal address, $28 mthly fee), and super support.

Posted at 7:27 pm Apr 30, 2012 EDT

hey is a link to the thread:

I am falling in love with Supadupa and they are doing a 40% off first 4 months until May 7th.

and here is a copy and paste of a paste I made in the main forums


Hi everyone.

I know there have been a lot of discussions about e-commerce and stand alone sites and I wanted to put this out there. is having a promotion this week until May 7th
to receive 40% off your first four months use code: SMALLFISHBIGPOND
here is a link to get you the discount

I am really loving my experience with so far.

They have amazing customer service. All my emails or tweets are responded to within 24 hours - not to shabby!!

They have different "levels" of options that one can add or subtract depending on what suits your business best.

No fees - not for listing or transactions - NO ADDITIONAL FEES

The shipping options are great. By weight and you can really get into detail by country and post zone. This is great for me like in the USA I can show the lower rate for in my state and higher rate to Alaska.
For international, this is also great because it is a real global breakdown.

Listing options. Love it.... I can List a single Hat and then add the color options without having to create a whole new listing for each color. Same for size. I can list a single item and then list size options. AMAZING!!!!!

Coupon Options: WOW! So MANY coupon options
1. percentage off
2. flat rate deduction like Tak $10 off
3. Based on purchase discount like $15 off when you spend such and such amount, etc
4. free shipping
5. Limit number of coupon use
I feel in control of my discount program!!!

They give you a URL or if you have a domain you can use that. So easy!

And It's not a marketplace. I feel like I am doing a LOT of promotion work to drive traffic so I want to drive them to where they can see my work and it won't be buried. This being that it is, essentially, your own website.

I have been REALLY happy thus far and wanted to share this information and discount for those looking for e-commerce or their own site options.

I DO NOT PLAN TO LEAVE ETSY. This is simply about growing my business and raising my presence on the web.

I do NOT work for supadupa. I AM JUST SHARING INFO and my experience since I see so many of these discussion threads.

Obviously you should always look into all aspects to see what works best for you but I thought I would share MY experiences for those who are looking.

Posted at 7:36 pm Apr 30, 2012 EDT

Debbie says

Thanks guys! Have marked it so I don't lose it again!!

Any advice on the domain name?

Posted at 7:58 pm Apr 30, 2012 EDT

SharonH says

If you put wedding in the name wouldn't you get more attention since that industry is so big?

Posted at 10:03 pm Apr 30, 2012 EDT

Jennifer says

I'm playing devil's advocate.

I am just finishing up touches on my site and it'll be run using Zen Cart. I purchased a template so that it looks more polished, and I'm pleased with how it'll turn out.

I personally wanted to have my own shopping cart, I didn't want to have to pay monthly fees (since that's what I'm trying to get away from, hehe), so did a little research and found that Zen Cart was going to work best for me. There was a learning curve, but it wasn't *too* bad. (Though my hubs is a computer geek, so he was able to help me if I got stuck)

In terms of site building, if it's in your budget, you could always go down to your local university and see if there are any web design students looking to build their portfolio. They're usually inexpensive (compared to established designers) and willing to do the work as it helps out both parties involved. They'd also know how to integrate a shopping cart too, so basically, you'd just have to input your products and be good to go.

Posted at 11:15 am May 6, 2012 EDT

I totally forgot I signed up with Supadupa (which I apparently did 5 months ago & haven't gone back since until just now). I guess setting up there will be what I'll be up to over the next couple months. But first-redo all my pictures!!

Michele-are there selling fees or just monthly fees there?

Posted at 1:00 pm May 6, 2012 EDT

@Ninjen - it is just the monthly fee. So if you are signed up then see which version you got for free. You could be all set!!!

Their customer service is what I am most impressed with. All... ALL of my tweets or email questions are responded to within 24 hours and I really cannot ask for more than that.

The import from etsy got me started but then I changed my titles (a lot) to be more concise and streamlined and so that google would not see it as dupes.

I was building my own from scratch originally using c-panel, and building in cream weaver. This is making me much happier. I am totally self taught so I got to the point where I just needed this to not suck the life out of me which it was doing.

Using supadupa made it sooo much easier and I am happy. I have plans to change, tweak, revamp my blog and all that but it is freedom.

No monthly selling fees or transaction fees or any of that. So it is not much different than hosting packages, with the e-commerce built in if you think about it.

I am actually working this week to clean up my websites, and hosting... oh but that is another headache. OK.. off to do my treasuries then SEO time

Posted at 1:34 pm May 6, 2012 EDT

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