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PinkPonies is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Members who demonstrate positive attitudes about our mission and willingness to support team initiatives are rewarded with quality opportunities and resources to succeed.

The PinkPonies team has earned a track record of achieving success through the coordinated and focused efforts of dedicated members led by an unrelenting leadership team.

We encourage a culture of excellence by demanding quality and professional standards in one another. Our top priorities include providing individual members with the appropriate guidance and tools to achieve their individual goals.

Through a solid professional network, we each gain valuable experiences that add clarity around what we want to gain from our Etsy shops and how to get there.

If you understand and believe in our purpose, please send a request to join our team.

Otherwise, thank you for your interest and for taking time to read about who we are.

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Original Post

Hi there,

Welcome to your team's own personal forum! This is your place to facilitate constructive communication within the team. It can serve as your team's main discussion hub, or a place where you post announcements every so often. You must follow the Etsy Forum guidelines when posting in the Teams Forum, and make sure that you are familiar with the Teams DO's and DON'Ts.

Even though teams are run by volunteer members of the community, all of Etsy's site policies still apply to team members and activities. However, Team Forums are moderated by the team leadership, not by Etsy Admin. Check out our Forum Moderation Guide to learn how Team Forums should be governed.

Although you can chose whether a post is public (viewable by anyone logged in to Etsy) or private (visible only to team members), please consider the Team Forums as public spaces and remember to treat one another with respect.

Now it's time to start talking with your team!


Morgan and the Etsy Community

Posted at 5:41am Mar 29, 2012 EDT

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