Splendid 16 August team T's

Who can join?

Splendid 16 is a moderated team with the following requirements:

This group is currently moderated to assure a wide variety of art, crafts and vintage are represented.


We strive to create a supportive community and maintain a good reputation. All members should be friendly, helpful and responsible. They should maintain good business practice and following etsy TOU's. When you apply we will take into account your feedback history.


Please look over the following team treasury guidelines before applying...

- Members are required to create 5 team treasuries per month that include 5 team members in each.

- We have no limit on how many teams you may be a part of, however you must be able to meet this teams monthly requirements and participate socially with team members.

- All team treasuries should be tagged "Splendid16" so they are easy to find.

- All treasuries should be well thought out and follow monthly marketing trends. They should also be thoroughly tagged with applicable keywords.

- Some member have multiple shops. Please only use and item from one of their shops in a treasury.

- Members are not required to comment or promote others' treasuries, but it is a kind thing to do and we love kindness.

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