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Jenuine BNR Team has the following requirements:

Frequently Asked Questions..
Jenuine Team BNR

What is a BNR?

BNR = Buy In and Replace. BNR boards are simply treasuries where 16 team members are featured with an item from their shop. When you make a purchase from the BNR board, you will immediately replace the shop you buy from. Your shop will stay on the board until someone buys from you or that BNR is completed.

How much does it cost?

The Jenuine Team BNR has a $5.00 minimum buy in. This means you must spend at least $5.00 after applying any coupon codes and before shipping charges added. You MUST meet the minimum to be featured. We also have a month long $10 BNR board with the same buy in requirements – minimum purchase after coupons and before shipping.

When are you open?

Jenuine Team has a daily BNR that is in Preview mode until we open at approx. 7 p.m. Eastern or Etsy time. We usually stay open until 10 p.m. The daily link can be found in our team discussion thread. There is also an un-manned, month long board always open with a $10 minimum buy in.

How do I get on the Board?

To get on the BNR board, you must buy in by making a purchase from one of the featured 16 shops. You do not have to purchase the exact item featured, but it has to be from within the featured shop. Keep in mind, your purchase must be at least $5.00 after coupons and before shipping fees. You CAN purchase multiple items to reach this requirement. Look around and browse the shops for something that you want to purchase. This is a great opportunity to purchase gifts for others, supplies or a little something special for yourself. Once you have found what you want, you call out IN CAPS permission to shop that shop. Be sure that someone else has not already selected them (it will be first come first serve as to who called that shop first). During PREVIEW MODE – you call out and then proceed to shop. Once your transaction is completed, you return and state WHO you purchased from, the transaction LINKS, and the amount of your purchase after coupons and before shipping. You also provide a link to an item from your shop to replace the one you bought from. A curator will update the board frequently during the day. We open from 7pm to 10pm Eastern time daily where a curator is available to immediately updates the board with your feature. While the BNR is OPEN, you must wait for curator approval before shopping.

Sample of Transaction Info:

$5.60 after coupon before shipping
Please post my feature:

Where do I find who has a coupon?

There is an ongoing list of current coupon codes in the team discussion threads. We update this frequently and ask our members to follow the instructions for adding their most current specials and coupon codes.

How long do I stay on the board?

Your item will be featured until a) someone buys from you or b) that BNR closes. If you bought in that day and do not sell, you will be featured in the next day’s BNR if your feature is in one of the top 2 rows (8 features). If you bought in that day and it is really busy and your item has gone below the top 2 rows, your shop will be added to our carry over list to be featured in a future BNR.

What is a carry over?

A carry over simply means you are on a list to be featured in a future BNR. We CANNOT tell you when that will be. We take shops from that list in the order in which they were put on the list. There are times when this list can be quite lengthy, as we are a very popular and fast moving BNR Team. Rest assured however, you WILL be featured as we pride ourselves on being fair.

How are the Daily BNR Board Shop Features Selected?

There are 16 slots each day. The bottom 8 are the previous days features that did not sell and the remainder are reserved for our members from the carry over list, the curator and team leaders. This is done in a very well orchestrated manner so that we may be fair to all involved.

Are there any other ways I can get a feature without buying in?

Yes, there are a few ways to get a free feature. A) Your name will be added to the carry over list upon signing up to be a member of the team. B) You can also be featured on your birthday. * Please note, you have to have to be signed up to be featured on your birthday as it would be virtually impossible to guess each member’s birthday.* There is a thread on our team discussion thread dedicated to this. C) Every so often we will have games that we play during the BNR where winners may be eligible to win a free feature.

What is a transaction link?

The transaction link may be found by going to the page of the item you purchased. It will show at the top that you have just purchased this item and the date etc. Then go to the address bar and cut and paste the link back to the BNR board to be credited. If you purchased multiple items, please list the transaction link to each item. The transaction link will look something like this:
Your feature cannot be listed until all the appropriate info is posted. So upon completion of a purchase, you would come back to the BNR and post something like this:
$5.60 after coupon before shipping
Please post my feature:

Listing the info from your receipt or the order number does not allow the curator to verify the purchase and then post your feature. Please provide the correct information.

What if I still need help or am confused?

You can always convo or ask any team leader for assistance. We have several leaders on board that will be most happy to help you out. One of the things that make the Jenuine Team BNR so special is that all of our members are so friendly and helpful. If by chance, a leader is not available, any team member would be glad to help answer any question that they can.

Other common courtesy and BNR etiquette :

• You cannot shop someone until their feature shows up on the board.
• Comments and conversation are encouraged to get to know other members.
• Please <3 heart or favor the BNR and the features listed.
• It is not polite to beg for a sale.
• Should a conflict arise from a transaction, please handle it between the shop owners as you would any other sale or transaction on Etsy. Please notify a team leader for guidance if necessary.
• Drama and conflict are frowned upon. Please be courteous to others.
• Please ship your sold items as soon as possible.
• BNR’s are a great way to market and promote your shop! The number one rule is to have fun!


BNR Board – Treasury that consists of 16 featured member’s items to purchase from

BNR – Buy in Replace

BNS – Buy in and Stay

Coupon code – code used during checkout to receive a discount on your purchase. Codes can be created from the account section of your etsy page

Curator – Team leader that has the capacity to change features and monitor board activities during the BNR. This is a volunteer position, so please let them know you appreciate their dedication to the team. Curators are not employees or representatives of Etsy.

Fave or Favorite – there are “FAVORITE” buttons on each BNR/Treasury AND to fave a feature, you may either hover over the top left corner of the feature and press the little heart or click the link and favor from there. This is also known as ‘faving’ or ‘hearting’

Feature – item in a members shop that is selected to be on the BNR Board

Ninja – this is a common move by a team member during a BNR when you call out and shop someone before someone else has a chance to, such as right after they are featured on the board. During our big several day events when it gets really busy, some shops are in greater demand and have several members vying to purchase from them

(C) Jenuine BNR Team

PLEASE do not copy this. We pride ourselves on being a dedicated and unique BNR team with leaders that work very hard.


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Original Post

Here is a collection of Jenuine BNR Team members

Posted at 9:31am Jun 8, 2012 EDT


Love POKEMON? Then this collection is for you. Very Cool Items. I LOVE the duct tape Pokeball flower and the pony bead Pokemon bikini top.

Posted at 10:27am Jun 13, 2012 EDT

I made a treasury to commemorate the US flag on Flag Day today.
All talented craftsmanship from JenuineBNR team members.

Posted at 12:19pm Jun 14, 2012 EDT

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