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Original Post

Please introduce and share something about yourself here!

I'll go first:
I'm Brandi, I'm 23. I've been making jewelry for around 2 years now, and I've really found my niche in doing boho inspired items. I hope to one day be a buyer/merchandiser and still be making jewelry.

Posted at 1:37pm Apr 2, 2012 EDT


Hi! Im sarah.
thanks for the invite
im a true california girl. love the sun, the beach, being barefoot, making banana bread, the colors of wood, and lazy sundays.

About 3 years ago, I took a trip to the south of spain where i was overwhelmed with the most beautiful seashells in the world. I brought more than enough home with me, and since then I make it a habit to collect shells every location I go. I also love natural wonders of the earth.

Posted at 9:48pm Apr 2, 2012 EDT

You can check my works and You'll be able to feel my (sometimes) bohemian nature

Posted at 12:26pm Apr 3, 2012 EDT

I'm Anna, 23 years, originally I'm from germany but I live in Alabama for the past 3 years. I am new on etsy but i hope to grow my etsy store into my own bohemian inspired clothing brand.

Posted at 9:55pm Apr 5, 2012 EDT

I'm Abby, I'm in Pennsylvania, with hope of moving somewhere, anywhere, soon. I'm a homeschooling mom, who started out as a Graphic Designer, but am loving sewing so much more!

Posted at 10:32pm Apr 6, 2012 EDT

Hey thanks for the invite. My name is Davka and I am a writer and jewelry maker- an artist in general. I love rustic, haunting, old, and strange things. I love bohemian inspired everything. I love pieces that surprise me. I currently live in Ojai, California but am originally from near Pittsburgh, Pa.

Thanks :)

Posted at 8:59pm Apr 8, 2012 EDT

hello everyone, thanks for creating the team :)

Posted at 11:16am Apr 9, 2012 EDT

queenie says

hello! I'm happy to be joining your team -- thanks! I'm first generation American, descended from real Bohemians from near Prague. This sure is the team for me! Here is an example from my shop which I hope you can visit soon. Thanks again,

Posted at 9:18pm Apr 19, 2012 EDT

Zen Akire from ZenAkire says
Edited on Apr 20, 2012

Hello, fellow Etsy shop owners, my name is Erika. I love Art with any medium. I am always amaze at the imagination and creations of the shops in Etsy. I love drawing, painting, crochet, creating, imagining, day dreaming and seeing how I can use that in my life everyday. Glad to be here and hopefully I can get to know you guys!

My boho style =)

Posted at 1:58am Apr 20, 2012 EDT

I'm Marie. I grew up in Southern California and moved to Western New York for college 8 years ago and never left. I've been doing photography as a hobby since I was 16. I'm totally inspired by nature and I try to find something beautiful everyday.

Posted at 5:01pm Apr 20, 2012 EDT

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