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Original Post

Exciting news! Etsy sellers are cordially invited to sell their memorabilia & vintage collectables at an exclusively Etsian marketplace at the official Diamond Jubilee Festival.

--- What ---
Curated by Hemingway Design (Vintage Festival) and Clare Patey (Feast on the Bridge), the festival will provide a truly creative environment to celebrate the music, art, film, fashion, food and British life during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Here's some more info on the Jubilee Festival:

--- Where/When ---
Battersea Park. June 3rd, 2012.

--- How ---
Etsy sellers with appropriate wares - British, London, Royal or Jubilee-themed vintage goods – can register their interest in having a stall at the marketplace by emailing a link to their Etsy shop to leona@hemingwaydesign.co.uk by 22nd April. Specifically themed items do not need to make up your entire collection, but should be a fairly prominent feature on the day. Stalls cost £85.

Let's celebrate in style!

The UK team. x

Posted at 6:19am Apr 12, 2012 EDT


Thanks for the info Heidi, sounds like a great event.


Posted at 6:06pm Apr 12, 2012 EDT

just live opposite Battersea Park but I don't have enough stuff to sell and £85/stall is way too expensive! Anyone thinking about going?

Posted at 8:15am Apr 15, 2012 EDT

I would LOVE to go, flights and accommodation doesn't really make it viable from Edinburgh though :(

Posted at 8:20am Apr 15, 2012 EDT

yeah you are quite far away that's true! I think I will pop over and have a look at the stalls and stuff and can report back here :)

Posted at 8:30am Apr 15, 2012 EDT

That would be great! :)

Posted at 8:38am Apr 15, 2012 EDT

This sounds great, I really enjoyed visiting the Vintage Festival marketplace last year. I'm looking to make some Jubilee items soon and am interrested in getting a stall. I'm a little unsure as to how much stock would be needed also would it be a possibility to share a stall with another Etsy shop?

Posted at 2:07pm Apr 28, 2012 EDT

Thanks for the information I will be there for sure!

Posted at 8:19am May 2, 2012 EDT