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Original Post

This is for all non team treasuries!!

Posted at 11:24am Apr 4, 2012 EDT


My earrings featured..Spring Wedding Sapphire-Blue Rhinestone Earrings, Artisan Vintage W-Germany Czech, Pearl, Victorian Watch Chain
EcoChic Team Wishes You All.. CrazyAdsTeam, wlv team

Posted at 6:32pm Apr 7, 2012 EDT

I've been treasured!
Romantic Artisan Jewelry Bird Bracelet, Celluloid, Acorn, Enamel Buckle, Pearl, Gold Lisner Rose
Vintage Mother's Day Pearl Grape Earrings, Ivory-Cream, Green Glass Molded Leaves

For Mom, Spring Pink Bracelet, Rose Guilloche Enamel Floral Dangle
Shabby Chic Boutique ~ tws team

Romantic Wedding Pink Rhinestone Bracelet, Vintage Brass Filigree W Germany Molded Art Glass
Happy Shiny Spring Afternoon ~ Happy Shiny People, tt team

Posted at 12:28am Apr 11, 2012 EDT

I've been treasured...please open, click & share! <3
My Blue Grape Necklace has been featured...
My Rose Bracelet featured!!! Great Treasury! <3 <3

Posted at 4:14am Apr 14, 2012 EDT

llow Bloom from WillowBloom says

Which came first....? Spring Wedding Bird Hair Pins, Jelly Belly Enamel Swallow Red Yellow Flower Floral Branches, Shiny Happy People

Thats's Old and New Again for Mom, 123team
Romantic Artisan Jewelry Bird Bracelet, Celluloid, Acorn, Enamel Buckle, Pearl, Gold Lisner Ros

My mom wants you to buy these....
Three pieces featured in this treasury!!! ~ CrazyAdsTeam
For Mom, Czech Purple-Amethyst Earrings, Assymetrical Teardrop Dangles, Artisan Jewelry
For Her, Romantic Springtime Earrings, Bohemian Ruby-Red Czech Brass Filigree w/Pearls, Vintage Repurposed
Mother' Day Spring Celluloid Bird Necklace, 1930-1940 Romantic Repurposed Beauty, OOAK One of a Kind

Posted at 7:42pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT