Trade Team August - Post NEW Items! ^ . ^

Who can join? Trade Team has the following requirements:

All trade friendly shops are welcome to join. After joining, please add your items to our website:
1) Visit
2) Click "sign up" and enter your shop name
3) Your first 25 listings are automatically pulled in - just check the boxes next to the ones that you'd be willing to trade!

Requirements to join this team:
1) You agree to reply to all trade requests convos with a "yes" or "no" - don't leave anyone hanging
2) You have an Etsy shop with at least 6 active listings under $75 USD
3) All shops in "vacation mode" must have an approximate end date for when they will return

We love seeing new threads started by anyone but please remember this is not a promotion team, all threads need to be about trading or giving exposure to other team shops.

Happy trading!

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Original Post

Hey everyone! This is a spot to list anything new in your shop! Feel free to include relisted items if you'd like to.

There is a rule though-

**PLEASE favorite TWO items ahead of yours before you post your new items! **

This will help everyone get hearts and it just makes the boards funner to post on! It totally ruins it when people don't share the hearts, so if I catch you skipping this I'll remove your item! Please don't make me do that, I just want participation and if you don't GIVE hearts you don't GET hearts, see?

Thanks everyone! Have fun posting!

Posted at 7:22pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT


Rochelle from RandomCrafted says
Edited on Aug 4, 2012

These can be made in ANY and ALL team colors! :)

Posted at 4:49pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT