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At least 25% of your shop must be Kids Vintage and Handmade items (clothing, toys, books or accessories). Blossom is a pressure-free team with a few GUIDELINES.
** VIEW items before yours in all threads to promote our team.
** Post ONLY CHILDRENS items in appropriate threads.
** Please check threads before starting a duplicate discussion!

Our goal is to increase SALES and have FUN!


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Original Post

Please introduce yourselves :)

Posted at 3:50 am Apr 11, 2012 EDT


Krystie-Lee from treehouseANDbird says
Edited on Apr 11, 2012

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to be in this team:]
I make decor and softies for kids...I've only been at it for about a year and opened my shop in december so I'd love for you to pop by and check it out!
instagram: treehouse_girl

much love,

Posted at 6:21 am Apr 11, 2012 EDT

I'm Lindsey and my shop is called LazerBaby Vintage. I sell a small collection of fun/unique/stylish vintage for babes and toddlers.

I also write a blog about motherhood, art, and kiddy vintage and fashion

I'm looking forward to collorating with everyone in ths group!


Posted at 9:39 am Apr 11, 2012 EDT

Kitty says

Hi everybody! Thanks for inviting me to this team! I sell vintage toys, stuffed animals, and board games! I just opened my shop a couple of weeks ago, so I'm working hard on listing and finding more items for my shop! :3

Posted at 9:52 am Apr 11, 2012 EDT

Thanks for the invitation to join the team. My name is Karen and I make monster plush toys, screen print monsters onto t-shirts, and make lots of messes.

Posted at 11:30 am Apr 11, 2012 EDT

Hello Everyone!
Growing up I was encouraged by my parents to be creative, My dad was a boot maker who taught me to love the smell of leather, embroider, to not get angry when you make a mistake but turn it into another creative opportunity.
When I graduated from Bible College I didn't know what I wanted to do afterward. I came home and found Etsy. This year I started making baby boots, designed by my Dad. I also inherited a large pattern collection. I knew there were many more patterns than I could ever sew. When I found out people shared my love of these vintage gems I started listing them on here! I'm excited to join this team and see all the wonderful things for kids!

Posted at 11:53 am Apr 11, 2012 EDT

thank you for the invitation! my shop is called 'summer camp vintage'- i sell vintage clothes for women and children primarily, with the odd men's item and some homewares thrown in for good measure :)

looking forward to collaborating!

marget :)

Posted at 11:55 am Apr 11, 2012 EDT


Thanks so much for the invite! I'm Heather from Calgary. I make kids clothes that are vintage inspired and/or made with vintage fabric or vintage patterns.

I adore all things kids and vintage so I'm really happy to be here!

Have a wonderful day! :)

Posted at 11:56 am Apr 11, 2012 EDT

Hi! I'm Jesse and my shop is Family Thread, a collection of vintage clothing accessories and textiles for children. I live in Echo Park, Los Angeles with my husband and 2 year old son.

Thanks so much for the invite, I'm happy to be part of the team.


Posted at 2:56 pm Apr 11, 2012 EDT

My name is Christy and I sell vintage baby clothes and toys over at my shop. I also sell tons of vintage women's and men's clothes and housewares. Please come by and take a peek!


Posted at 3:15 pm Apr 11, 2012 EDT

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