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Original Post

Hi just wanted to create a place to show off our new items...
I just listed this today. Hope you enjoy and please if any suggestions I would be more then happy to hear them...

Posted at 3:49pm Apr 11, 2012 EDT


Dani those are gorgeous!...I love the second photo better, but it would be ideal if in the photo the entire earring showed more. But regardless, they're stunning and the photos are great! ^_^

Posted at 4:50pm Apr 11, 2012 EDT

Thanks for the advice I will work on trying to get a picture like that!!! :)

Posted at 8:20am Apr 12, 2012 EDT

Kelli that is so cute!,

I wanted to share a suggestion : I adore the pics where the little girl is actually wearing the items!. (she's so cute!, is she your daughter?)
It is much easier to know what you're selling and to see it on a model, makes it more appealing for any buyer.


Posted at 2:49pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT

beautiful work!!!

Posted at 9:47am Apr 17, 2012 EDT