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Original Post

Hi everyone and welcome to the brand new Knitting Supplies shop. I have invited a ton of people I feel will benefit from a shop like this and will continue to invite more. If you have member names of anyone you would like me to invite, please send it along, or encourage them to apply. The more the merrier :)

Please introduce yourselves here
-First name
-Country (optional)
-Do you knit or sell knitting supplies?
-How long have you had your store on etsy?
-What is your favorite thing about knitting?
-Who first introduced you to knitting?
-What made you join this team?
-What do you hope to gain or share from being a member?
-Please share one of your favorite items from your shop.

Thank you and Welcome!

Posted at 1:34pm Apr 13, 2012 EDT


I'm Julie. I live in the UK and I sell my own knitting pattern designs. I have had my Etsy shop since 2009, but only moved over to selling just patterns in October 2011. Knitting is like yoga for me - it has a calming effect. I learned to knit from my Mum and Gran at about the age of 4. I think it will be good to be part of this team - hopefully we will exchange ideas and learn from each other.
My favourite item in my shop is my Jaden boots:

Posted at 1:41pm Apr 13, 2012 EDT

Just to get the ball rolling.. >^ . .^<

-First name: Eryn

-Country (optional): USA (Maine)

-Do you knit or sell knitting supplies? I knit, and plan on writing my own patterns to sell in my shop as well.

-How long have you had your store on etsy? I'm a newbie! Just joined about a month ago. I shared a store with my boyfriend and helped sell his wood carvings but just recently created a store of my own.

-What is your favorite thing about knitting? The yarn! Oh I am obsessed. I love wandering through yarn stores and touching all the different fibers and dreaming up the beatiful projects I can make with them.

-Who first introduced you to knitting? My grandmother when I was about 7. My was the first one to share a great/very simple slipper pattern with me.

-What made you join this team? I created the team because I looked up knitting supplies teams and could not find much. There are plenty of teams for knitters, but none where you can go and socialize about your favorite hobby and get advice, etc. This does not have to be 100% about your etsy store and trying to sell/promote your product, but sharing advice and helping each other is more what I hope we will be about. Hope this can be a one stop shopping area for those of you looking for knitting supplies too.

-What do you hope to gain or share from being a member? I hope to make friends and give/get great advice and hope to inspire others from the creation of this team. I also LOVE knitting and browsing the supplies and new ideas.

-Please share one of your favorite items from your shop.

Posted at 1:50pm Apr 13, 2012 EDT

Hi, I am Shanan, and I live in the US. I love to knit, and also sell hand crafted wooden knitting needles in those hard to find larger sizes. I make from US size 15 up to a HUGE 50mm - I don't even know what the US size would be for that one! lol
I have been on Etsy since 2009, but just started selling my knitting needles in 2011. I made them because I couldn't find them in circular lengths I wanted, and friends encouraged me to start selling them on Etsy.
My favorite thing about knitting is that I can be as creative as I want to be. I am always making up new patterns. A friend from church showed me how to knit, and now we have a weekly knitting circle that meets at church.
I joined this team to network with other knitters, to gain exposure for my shop, and to make new friends.
I hope to learn new ways to bring people to my shop, and pick up knitting tips and hints from all the wonderful knitters here on this team.
One of my favorite items in my shop is
I like knitting with these large needles because you can make lace shawls or You just change the yarn(s) you are using. I also like the large needles because they give me lots of room to be creative with my wood burning.

Thanks for the invite to the team!

Posted at 2:15pm Apr 13, 2012 EDT

Hi there, my name is Rhiannon.
I sell my knitting patterns and have had a store on Etsy since November 2011. I love the portability of knitting compared to other crafts and find it relaxing. My mother and grandmother taught me to knit when I was about 6 years old and I have a degree in fashion design.
It's great to make connections with other knitters, learn from them and see the gazillion things that can be done with a pair of sticks and some yarn.
My favourite thing from my shop at the moment is my Gangstar pattern.

Posted at 2:27pm Apr 13, 2012 EDT

Arlene from Arly says

Hi My name is Arlene and I live in Canada (Montreal). I sell my finished knitted projects as well as my patterns. Last year I sold a lot of destash commercial patterns and that got me thinking that there was a real demand for patterns.

I have had my etsy shop since 2009 but only started selling patterns last year. Since then sales have picked up a bit :).

I have been knitting for many years (mostly self taught) but only started designing a couple of years ago. Yes, I love the yarn too!! I also love the patterns, supplies like high-end needles and bags, going to workshops, etc. I really do love anything to do with knitting.

Thank you for starting up a new team Eryn. I was happy to receive the invitation to join other knitters and designers!

Here is my most popular pattern :

Posted at 5:15pm Apr 13, 2012 EDT

Name: Cara
Country: Canada -- South-west Ontario to be more specific
Do you knit or sell knitting supplies? I knit baby hats and other photography props. I also sell knitting patterns and hand-spun yarn. Occasionally I also have destash commercial yarn as well.
What is your favorite thing about knitting? EVERYTHING!!!!
Favourite item: My favourite item right now is my ribbed pixie hat. I'm slowly working on writing the pattern out as well -- hoping to have it available in my shop by the end of April.

Posted at 5:40pm Apr 13, 2012 EDT

Hi. I am in Arizona, US. I have been knitting for about 17 years and I have been spinning for about 1 year. I have had an active etsy shop since 2008. In the natural progression of things... or at least in my world, I wanted to knit with yarn I couldn't afford, or pictured yarn that didn't exist. So that lead to spinning. Well then that lead to people wanting the yarn that I was spinning. Yaha! So at this time I have fiber for those who spin, and handspun yarn for those who don't.

Posted at 5:44pm Apr 13, 2012 EDT

First name: Jacqui

-Country (optional) UK

-Do you knit or sell knitting supplies: I sell my own knitting designs

-How long have you had your store on etsy? I opened my shop in 2010

-What is your favorite thing about knitting? What don't I like about knitting!

-Who first introduced you to knitting? My grandmother

-What made you join this team? I was invited and thought what a great idea

-What do you hope to gain or share from being a member? I hope to make friends and I love to see what others are knitting

-Please share one of your favorite items from your shop. Not sure how to post a pic but hope this works!

Posted at 5:55pm Apr 13, 2012 EDT

Hello everyone,
Thank you for the invitation to join this group. I am Maggie an American living in the UK. My shop is a spin-off of my hand-made shop. I combine a love of working on the computer with the love of vintage things and restore and reformat hard-to-find vintage patterns.
I will conform to the list now:

My name is Maggie
I live in the UK - specifically, England
I sell knitting & sewing supplies - mostly vintage knit & crochet patterns
My Etsy shop, PrettyPatternsPlease has been open since February 2010
I love the gorgeous styles of the past and the quality, colour, and feel of natural fibre wools
My mom introduced me to knitting but I was a poor learner. She managed to teach me crochet but I haven't done so in years.
I received an invitation to join the team today and thought I would give it a try. I love the idea of sharing the gorgeous styles of yesteryear and cross promotion of shops, too. All while meeting new friends who love to work with their hands to design and create beautiful things.
I hope more people will discover my shop and that I will meet new people with similar interests and possibly some cross-promotion of our shops.
Sharing my favourite thing in my shop is very difficult! I adore the Pixie angora hat pattern. My mom made these for us when we were babies. But I guess I am enamored with the antique patterns like this one for a young girl, circa 1917 - a year before my mother was born. It was the Edwardian era - just think, 'Downton Abbey':

Nice to meet you all!

Posted at 6:59pm Apr 13, 2012 EDT