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Moms Reinventing Themselves is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Any Mother or Father with an Etsy shop or just opening an Etsy shop. You must be a mom/dad (even if your kids are all grown you count!) and be willing to help promote and support the members of the team.
You will be loved here!

This team will not tollerate any negative of any kind. We are here to support each other in a positive way.

Please, if you have an idea or thread you'd like to share, let me know first and I'd be happy to post it so our team page doesn't get too clogged up like I see on other pages.


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Original Post

Moms are constantly adapting to changes. What changes bring out your creative side and what do your creations say about you?

Posted at 10:43 am Apr 12, 2012 EDT


My family is the most important thing to me. I have three sweet teenagers that I love more than anything in the world. (That's right, it wasn't a typo, they really are sweet kids!) I have 3 nieces and 5 nephews. I live on the same street with my brother and his family, my parents, and my sister and her family. I am a single mom and I think all that I have gone through in the 4 years since my divorce has shown me how much I can depend on my family. They are there for me and my kids in every way and I think that is what shows most in my work. My love for family and the sense of peace they give me.

Posted at 10:46 am Apr 12, 2012 EDT

Moo says

hi! A little over a year ago I realized that due to my troubled upbringing I never really got to know myself. I've been on a quest to figure it out ever since. I know I love being a mom and I found out I love to sew and be creative. I have three beautiful children, a 4yo, a 2yo, and the baby is almost 4 months. :)

Posted at 1:59 am Apr 13, 2012 EDT

Carol says

Hi everyone, i have 4 teenage gaughters and i've been divorced for 10 years. My house is never quiet (: ( well except for the school hours, which seem to go by so fast). I have always been creative, but realised last year that i need to be home for my kids when they need me, so now i'm working from home. I have found teenages are harder to raise than small children.....don't get me wrong, i adore them, they make me laugh every day, but i've learned to zone out when they all talk at once (:

Posted at 4:47 am Apr 13, 2012 EDT

Hi! My name is Deb and I am a sahm with four wonderful sons. Two of my sons are on the Autism spectrum which has made for quite an adventure. Throughout my life as a mom it's been a struggle to maintain my identity. I lost it for a very long time and realized I wasn't happy and that was hurting my ability to be a good parent. I started sewing a few years ago and enjoyed that but then my interests turned to jewelry making and it's been true love ever since. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and is a wonderful creative outlet.

Posted at 8:02 am Apr 13, 2012 EDT

Thank all of you for posting! I am really thankful for you joining the team and I really look forward to getting to know all the members. Thanks for sharing about your life as a mom and how using your creativity helps you find you. It's not always easy to share so I really appreciate it. We all lose ourselves sometimes during motherhood, and we all carry around things that affect us as moms. For me, I feel like I have a voice through my creations where sometimes I feel overwhelmed and not in control of certain things. Thanks all of you again, I am so excited about this team. Please feel free to invite anyone who feels they would like to be a part of it. I am learning about how this works on here so please let me know if you have any ideas, comments, or anything you would like to say. We are going to have a lot of fun!

Posted at 10:23 am Apr 13, 2012 EDT

Christina says

Hi There!
I'm mom of 4 too! My fiance and I both have children from previous relationships - I have a 15 year old daughter and an 8 year old son, my fiance also has an 8 year old son, and we have have a 16 month old daughter together :) Full house! I find that it's so difficult to have time for myself, time for creativity, etc. Now that I've made it a point (and with the help of my other half) to work on something that I really love, I realized how happy it makes me. And now that I'm selling my creations on Etsy, it's even more rewarding when someone purchases one of my items and loves it, s I'm really thankful for that!

Posted at 10:45 am Apr 13, 2012 EDT

Hello everyone,

In the last year, I've lost my job, had a baby and become a SAHM. Lots of changes some good some not so good. When I decided not to go back to work I had a bit of an identity crisis. As my son has grown, he's now 91/2 months I've forged a new identity around my new life. Being at home has also given me the time and opportunity to indulge my creative side and open my shop.

Posted at 4:57 pm Apr 13, 2012 EDT

Having a baby is change enough, but adding other changes can be really overwhelming. I can tell you you are blessed to be able to have that time with your son. It goes way too fast and those moments in the first year are priceless!

Posted at 12:31 pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT

Carol says

Well said April.
I'm loving this team, single mums need all the support we can get. You are all doing an amazing job..very inspiring :)

Posted at 4:46 pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT

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