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Original Post

LaTonya Shaw from KurbuhaunDesigns says
Edited on Jul 25, 2012

Ever feel like your choices are limited when it comes to promoting your ETSY shop? Not a big fan of social media or seo? The solution is to find other methods of lead and traffic generation for your business.

Use this list to explore and help you brainstorm even more ways to promote your business.

Business cards: These are simple to use and low cost. The only limit is how much you’re willing to get out there and spread the word about your shop.

Toll free phone number: Gives potential customers the impression your professional. To find a low cost toll free number try , (30 day free trial)

Postcards: Great for branding and keeping current customers happy with special deals. Yes email is free and works great but their not always opened. With a postcard you have a great opportunity to grab their attention.

Classified ads: Placing ads on free online classified sites offers a way to capture bargain seekers. When you are running a sale this is a great place to get more traffic to your shop.

Posters: Used for extending awareness for your brand or advertising a sale.

Trade shows / art shows: The value of face-to-face contact is tremendous. Promotion is generally done in the form of a low cost branded giveaway, sharing business information, and direct sales.

Magazine ads: A tremendous opportunity to aim for your target market

List building: Basically email marketing. The practice of using email to send content and marketing messages to people who have opted in for what you have to offer. For more details check out this article:

Exact match domain name: One of the secret weapons in seo is to have an exact match domain because they tend to rank first page on google. An example of exact match would be, ilovedogs. com and the keyword you wanted to rank for was “i love dogs”. The url is the exact match as the keyword and to search engines highly relevant.

Landing page: Technically a landing page is the first page you see when you click a link. For promotional purposes a landing page or squeeze page, as they are sometimes called, is a hosted page with the sole purpose of getting people to opt-in for email. Examples of landing page design:

Shopping cart: Basically a small themed hosted online store or blog with ecommerce features.

RSS feed: This allows people to subscribe to your content and view updates via a RSS reader like Google reader. Great for promotion because it keeps subscribers updated automatically when you post new products. To learn more visit:

Blogging: A powerful way to drive traffic to your shop, extend and grow your brand.

Podcasting: These are audio files generally uploaded to itunes. Introduction:

eBooks: These are text files converted into pdf files. There is a lot of promotional value in ebooks because they can be given away for free with the click of a button. They can contain your marketing message and sell more products. They can also be sold on Amazon kindle which gives you even more exposure and income.

Webinars: I think of them as seminars you do from home. A great way to host something similar to a webinar is Google handouts or Go To Meeting


Word of mouth

Pay-per-click Google AdWords



Google plus


Linkedin: Meet professionals and network with them. Great way to find large wholesale accounts opportunities.

Social bookmarking

Online article marketing

Home parties


Free demonstrations




Comment contests: Type of giveaway held on social media sites where the winner is chosen by asking people to post a comment.

Face-to-face networking: Learn to work a room.

Using a call to action

Community involvement

Free directory listings

Gift certificates

Auction sites: The trick here is to put low price items up for auction in attempts to grow your customer base. Retaining those customers and increasingly selling them higher priced/profit items.

Craigslist: Don’t expect a large number of sales but a great way to pick up some extra targeted traffic to your shop.

Prospecting and lead generation

Write catchy headlines/titles

Build up your trust and online reputation

Online community building: Attract people to join you in discussion on topics related to your business.

Brand building

Grassroots marketing

Viral marketing

Blog commenting: This is another low results type promotion method which actually involves no promotion. The key is to find blogs that are closely relevant to your target market and comment on blog posts or articles in such a way that it adds value to the post. This also helps you build relationships with blog admins and owners who may later be in a position to promote your items or allow you to write a “guest post” on their blog.

Guest posting

Online press releases

Kickstarter campaign

Publish interviews: You can reach out to leaders and influential people and ask to interview them. Posting the interview on your blog.

Create a quiz

Publish a funny image

build backlinks

Image seo: seomoz video:

Translate your items into other languages

Host your own forum

Yahoo answers

Submit your blog to blog directories

Purchase ad space on blogs

Stickers and magnets

Repeat orders from current customers

Deliver more than expected

Reach out to influencers

Create a welcome to the family customer kit

Provide incentives for referrals

Write a sales letter

Research your target market

Become an expert

Hire a professional photographer

Google local

Use facebook notes

Friends and family: Great way to generate sparks for your business. Hopefully someone you know is willing to pass on the word to their friends and coworkers. The value of friends and family is their ability to generate buzz for your products.

Text message marketing


wear your jewelry

Of course there are hundreds more ideas. The internet is limitless when it comes to places to find your target customer.

Hope this helps.

If you see a duplicate idea just mention it in this thread.

Posted at 2:53 am Jul 25, 2012 EDT


Loved reading this. thank you!

Posted at 11:04 am Feb 18, 2013 EST

Hi Meagen,

You're welcome. :) How are you doing?

Posted at 11:17 am Feb 18, 2013 EST

I'm doing amazing! Just cleaning up the house a bit before work.
I'm 6 months preg. and the baby is kicking like crazy today! <3
How are you doing?

Posted at 11:32 am Feb 18, 2013 EST

Thank you so much. You are the best!!

Posted at 12:09 pm Feb 18, 2013 EST

I'm doing okay for a Monday :) You've got a happy soccer player today LOL..

Posted at 12:23 pm Feb 18, 2013 EST

Hi Sandy,

You're welcomed :)

Posted at 12:25 pm Feb 18, 2013 EST

Great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

Posted at 12:24 pm Feb 19, 2013 EST

You are so informative, I love reading your info and tips.

Posted at 12:26 pm Feb 19, 2013 EST

Ali says

As always useful and helpful! Thank you for giving your time :)

Posted at 5:59 pm Feb 19, 2013 EST

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