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Original Post

Ever hear that it's hard to make money in a crowded market? For instance the jewelry market. Everyone will tell you that it's difficult to make money or compete selling jewelry.

I have several reasons why that's not completely true yet valid at the same time. First, always think in terms of keywords. Get into the habit of focusing on a market via the data around the keywords people use to shop.

Example: jewelry.
20 million monthly searches. WOW. The keyword jewelry is a BROAD keyword.

So what are the different types of styles of jewelry and which styles are receiving the most traffic?

To find the answers to these questions use a keyword tool. The keyword tool will give you monthly traffic data. A keyword with a large amount of monthly traffic is definitely and indication of something that has high DEMAND.

What I usually do to find opportunities is to use the keyword tool for the term "jewelry".

The results return the following : ( I chose the ones that were a bit unique )

green jewelry monthly traffic 27,100
fantasy jewelry 18,100
recycled jewelry 9,900

The above is a process of finding a niche market to sell goods within. I took the broad market of jewelry and found 3 niche markets (keywords) to research and decide if there is enough demand (traffic) but little in the way of competition.

My first choice was the niche market Green Jewelry. I researched this market by looking at the google search results for this keyword. The site that ranked first for this keyword was polyvore. Using a program to peek into the sites number of backlinks, and other ranking data I decided this market would be rather difficult to rank for. So I'm moving on.

Next I'll research the niche market of Fantasy Jewelry. I want to know if I can make money making fantasy jewelry.

I repeat the process. The market of fantasy jewelry also has too much competition. Before I moved on I decided to check out the keyword fantasy necklace.

I want to know if I can make money for fantasy necklace.
The answer is yes. Here's why...

1) Fantasy necklace has 3,600 in monthly traffic.
2) The site ranked number one is etsy search. There are 11,000 items in this category.
3) Using etsy relevancy to make my way to the first page of this category would allow my product to rank number one on two sites at the same time. Increasing the odds of a sale. I can also make multiple version of a fantasy necklace, since etsy doesn't mind allowing more than one item from one shop to occupy first page.

I calculate that it may take a few months to accomplish relevancy but I'm ok with that.
4) There are weak sites in the number 2 and 3 position on google. Which means I can also work to get at least one of my products to work it's way to the front page. Expanding my reach and ability to be found.

Now, find a minimum of 100 keywords just like that and make products around them.

The other half to my statement, why it's true you can't make money in a crowded market.

1) Making products before you research the market for them. Always make sure people are actually out there searching for products like you make. Otherwise SEO will not be effective for you.

2) Don't listen when people say you can't do this or that in certain markets. Do the research to find out. Realize that a market is made of many many niche markets and even micro niche markets. That's where your opportunity may be.

3) Understand the hierarchy of keywords and markets.

Jewelry (broad)
Fantasy jewlery (niche)
Fantasy necklace (niche of a niche)
Red Fantasy necklace (micro niche)

The process of research, finding niche and micro niche markets that have high demand low competition is the formula for success in a crowded broad market like jewelry.

Hope this helps.

Posted at 3:57pm Aug 2, 2012 EDT


Very helpful information!

Thank you!

Posted at 6:17pm Aug 7, 2012 EDT

It's so much to take in and process, but very good info.

Posted at 9:41am Aug 8, 2012 EDT

O.K. guys I need help. My Niche audience are for brides who want a look of vintage but not wear their Grandma's veils. I absolutely have no idea how I should list my items. For example:
I have it a bridal wreath, I know too broad. I don't think in words. I think in pictures, this is so difficult. Help!

Posted at 9:52am Aug 8, 2012 EDT

Hi Lisa,

I have a video response to your question:

Video One:

Video Two:

Video Three:

Don't try to overhaul your entire site at the same time. Focus on one or two items, find keywords that convert into sales, and then repeat the winning process.

Often times we take a tip or advice that sounds good and apply it to everything in the shop. The danger with that is it's hard to see if the changes by themselves are working. By isolating changes you get to see if they are better or worse compared to what your already doing.

Posted at 2:46pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

I still do not understand how I can find and where I can find the best keywords for my handmade Leather items that have a western and southwestern touch to it. I am very new to Etsy and my shop is Annneveleather. Can you please tell me where on Etsy I can search for best keywords and tags. I 4 have hand made leather collars I have put almost all the same tags for all is this right or do I have to change

Posted at 2:18am Aug 12, 2012 EDT

Hi Anahid,

To find a good variety of keywords use a keyword tool.

Keyword Research Tutorial Videos:

How to do keyword research using google keyword tool - video one:

Video two:

Video three:

Posted at 3:32am Aug 12, 2012 EDT

Decaleco says

I use google keyword tool to do my keyword research. It's free though~
When you type in your keyword, google will spit out a bunch of related keywords. You want to find the one with high searches but low competition.

At the left side bar, you should see "Broad", "Phrase" and "Exact" options
Make sure you check the "Phase" option. What it means is:

Let say your keyword is removable wall decal

Search results correspond to
BROAD: Creative REMOVABLE vinyl WALL sticker DECAL
(you can see the search results is not very accurate as your keyword got splitted into several parts)

PHRASE: Creative REMOVABLE WALL DECAL for kids rooms
or Discounted high quality REMOVABLE WALL DECAL
(see, your keywords stick together even though they are additional words)

(that is the exact keyword with no additional words)

Ideally we want to have keyword with Exact Searches but it is hard to find this kind of money keyword. Therefore, we usually settle for Phrase Searches.

Posted at 4:28pm Aug 14, 2012 EDT

Hi Decaleco,

Thanks for the tips.

Posted at 3:24am Aug 15, 2012 EDT

Decaleco says

You're welcome.

Posted at 4:02pm Aug 15, 2012 EDT