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Original Post

LaTonya Shaw from KurbuhaunDesigns says
Edited on Aug 7, 2012

If you wanted to set up your own store, Big Cartel is a great way to get started. I have 3 five minute videos that walk you through the signup process and customization. There a few SEO tips.

One thing to note is that Big Cartel is truly straight forward and simple to setup. Adding products is simple as well. You can add your banner and great background image in minutes. The process of opening your very own shop could take as long as a few minutes.

Big Cartel Tutorial - video one

Big Cartel Tutorial - video two

Big Cartel Tutorial - video three

Posted at 3:23 pm Aug 7, 2012 EDT


Big Cartel SEO tips:

1) Select your domain name wisely. Having your keyword or brand name in the url is important in terms of seo. If you want your store's homepage to rank for a particular keyword you know customers use to try and find you, add that keyword in the domain name.

If your customers know your shop by it's brand name or you are in the process of branding your business, use a brand name as the domain name.

2) Use solid on-page optimization techniques. This involves the keyword in the title and description.

3) Pick your category names carefully with the customer in mind. What does the customer expect? What is most appropriate? You can also add keywords but it's important to keep the customer's ability to navigate your store in mind.

4) Image file names. Put your target keyword for each page as the image file name. example: handmade-jewelry.jpg

5) Promote your store everywhere possible. Social media, free online classifieds, business cards, etc. Takes a lot of hard work to get people into your store. Same as ETSY.

6) Get backlinks pointing to your store.

7) Don't forget Google Analytics.

Posted at 3:38 pm Aug 7, 2012 EDT

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