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TeamHandmade is a moderated team with the following requirements:

This is a moderated team. Qualifications for membership:

Please read Membership Requirements, Team Mission and Team Pledge Before Applying for Membership. These can be found by visiting the team website at

1. You, individually or collectively, sell on Etsy
2. You offer in your shop at least 50% handmade items
or 100% handmade supplies
3. Your shop has at least twenty (20) listings, or a full first page.
4. You abide by trademark and copyright laws.
5. You agree to not "spam" our threads with self-promotion.
6. You have read and agree to the Team Definition of Handmade, the Team Mission, and the Team Pledge.

We reserve the right to decline membership to anyone who does not meet our criteria for membership. We also reserve the right to remove any member that does not follow our team rules or otherwise fails to qualify subsequent to joining.


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Lisa I am happy to help with the facebook page if need be x

Posted at 11:56 am Apr 27, 2012 EDT

Thanks for all of your support guys (or gals). Okay, i invited Collette and Dawn to be admins just a few minutes ago. The site is hopping in part because it was linked to in the Daily Dot article this morning:

Hopefully that will also get lots and lots of new members for the team. :) I started going on the articles about this issue and posting about us on the comments. That connected us to the author of this morning's article. I've been meaning to post to the other articles too but ran out of time. Let me know if any of you want to help with this.

KathiJane had a great idea to start a post called "the best of handmade" on Facebook for people to post examples of their work and talk about why handmade is so wonderful and important. I don't have time to make that suggestion happen before work but would be grateful if one of the new admins could get it going...

It is so fun to pop on and see what's new. I look forward to doing that later today. Ciao for now!

Posted at 2:23 pm Apr 27, 2012 EDT

Hey Lisa
I do not have an invite (or message) on FB to become an admin for the page.
If you want to try and resend when you get a chance, I will be sure to check in later. I do most of my Etsy-ish time in the evenings.

Posted at 4:40 pm Apr 27, 2012 EDT

Thanks for creating the page, Lisa!

I do not have an FB account and do not want to sign up for personal reasons, so unfortunately, I won't be able to contribute. However, I do support the page creation and all that you are doing for this team.

Posted at 5:32 pm Apr 27, 2012 EDT

NaturalGorgeous from NaturalGorgeous says
Edited on Apr 27, 2012

Ah - I understand what happened now, Lisa. It was your opinion, but since you are logged in as the Admin, the comment shows up under the identity of the team rather than you personally.

That's the bit that threw me off -- I have no problem whatsoever with you expressing your opinion or with people expressing different opinions there - what upset me was that it appeared to be the shared sentiment of the "The Team" -- it looked "official." Now I get it that its because of the way identities are managed there.

I also agree - as I said in my original comment - that this is a place for constructive thinking, for the "carrot." What I don't think we want to do is alienate people who feel really torn at the moment - I'm one of them.

I can honestly say I feel both ways, and that's why I'm happy to be constructive here and critical somewhere else. But to me personally they are two sides of the same coin. I wouldn't be critical -- harshly critical, I should say -- if I didn't have some slim sliver of hope that the words might make the PTB reconsider some part of their actions.

You really did an awesome job with that page, too. I just tried to re-do my shop's Facebook page last week and I was completely flummoxed. Much respect! And oh yes I "liked" it too.

Posted at 7:00 pm Apr 27, 2012 EDT

Well, I am back after an unplanned trip to the emergency room with my 4 year old. He is fine now but got a pretty significant gash on his forehead. The stitching up, comforting, and lack of sleep was pretty exhausting. Anyway, things are fairly back to normal now and I'm trying to get caught up on the team and what's going on with Etsy.

It seems you guys have accomplished a ton this weekend. Great job, everyone! I can't believe our membership has almost doubled. And I love the idea of showing our hands on May 10th.

Anyway, I am going to try to get caught up. I don't suppose someone has a cliffnote version I can read? lol

Just wanted to let you know how great it felt popping on after being gone a few days and seeing some real progress. Thank you!

Posted at 10:25 pm Apr 29, 2012 EDT

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