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Original Post

alex from woodenaht says

I will be making my first treasury soonish

I dont know how,but i will kind of learn


my treasury will have a pale blue theme, as that was lucky for me frontpage wise before


give me some of your pale blue items in this thread

i will be working on my impatience


Posted at 6:10 pm Jun 9, 2012 EDT


OK Alex, Not sure if either of these will be pale enough for you, but you just seemed so impatient, and you said you were stupid so thought I might be able to pass these off as pale blue. It was worth a try and will give you something to look at untill the palest of blues is listed. :)

Posted at 6:23 pm Jun 9, 2012 EDT

I can switch out the photos if you prefer not to have the green cuff that's currently in the first photo.

Posted at 6:27 pm Jun 9, 2012 EDT

alex from woodenaht says

luv them both

i want to go all the way to the edges of pale bluishness

Posted at 6:28 pm Jun 9, 2012 EDT

Btw Alex, here's a shortcut that might help: do a search in the Handmade category and use search terms "teamhandmade pale blue". Several results come up for those. Also, search "teamhandmade light blue" and you will get a few more. Just wanted to share the tip in case you don't get enough responses here.

Posted at 6:29 pm Jun 9, 2012 EDT

'teamhandmade dusty blue"

Posted at 6:31 pm Jun 9, 2012 EDT

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