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Original Post

alex from woodenaht says

since 11 pm, I have had 120 views on one item

it sold five months ago

I have great stuff that is ignored, yet this piece of crap, and its 2 twins, have over 2000 views between them, And theyve all been sold for 5 months

there is much weirdness afoot

Posted at 3:32 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT


Pinterest traffic, perhaps?

Posted at 3:33 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT

I still get views from my duster (pictured left), which sold earlier this month.

Posted at 3:38 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT

alex from woodenaht says

it is half pinterest, half direct view

I am thinking of how to take advantage of the traffic
I am out of mint green wood
how would it look in pinterest if I put a mint blue heart in there and renewed sold?

Posted at 3:41 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT

I didn't know our sold items could still get views.

Posted at 3:41 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT

You can look at all of a shop's sold items but minus the price. I've had several views of sold items and even an order.

Posted at 5:40 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT

Sorry. I said that wrong. As usual. I knew you could see the sold items. I just didn't know the views counter still counted them.

Posted at 6:29 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT

OK. I checked out a few of your sold sections and the only one I can see views, admirers and treasuries on is the sold item Alex posted. Why can't I see them on other sold items? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm just curious and most of the time can't see the forest for the trees.

Posted at 6:32 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT

alex from woodenaht says

I'm not sure why we can both see the stats from my link, while only I can see them when we separately look back through my listings.

this mint heart has had over 600 views since it sold.

that is nuts

Posted at 7:28 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT

I can't even see views on MY sold items. weird is right.

Posted at 8:04 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT

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