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Original Post

Hi I am Alison....I would cosider myself a Modern Day Folk Artist...I am self taught with only my highschool art classes to guide me. I have two children...A dughter , Madison who is 17 and a beutiful baby boy who will be three in August. Hubbie and I had quite a suprise with the second one...but everyone loves suprises....wouldn't change it for the world.I painted all my life...but had some health issues that set me back. When I was pregnant I started painting again and decided to try to make a go at a little Art business from the home. I have 3 GIFT shops here on etsy - MINIHOUSEPORTRAITS, CUSTOMSANDART, and WINEGLASSALI . I would love to find that item that people just can't live without and be as successful as some of these wonderful shops on etsy. Mini House Portraits is my newest venture so wish me luck!!!
Peace OUT!
My Facebook is www.facebook.com/groups/298438843564992/#!/pages/OV-ARTist/21552533...
or just search OV ARTist

Posted at 9:26 am Apr 27, 2012 EDT


Incredible story Alison :)

I am a 15 year old musician and my shop is geared toward musicians and musician lovers. I have looked for creative outlets for as long as I can remember and my passion is rock n roll music. I have been songwriting since I discovered rock n roll guitar when I was 12. Lately I hadn't been improving my skills and I found that it was because I had lost a sort of motivation. Whenever I picked up a guitar I just wanted to play, not practice. I realized I needed another creative outlet. I had just ordered a wonderful wallet from NomadUnlimited here on etsy and that shop and owner inspired me into leather working. I started a week later making accessories for musicians and found a new passion to accompany my music. I am self taught in leather and was taught by my grandfather how to carve abalone and had been carving abalone picks for a while. I decided to feature those in my store as well. After only having been open a week and a half, my guitar skills are improving again and I am so happy when I am creating leather pieces. I hope my shop on etsy connects with musicians as well as musician lovers and they can see the love and character put into every stitch. This new hobby of mine put me back on track in my music as well as offered me a new found love. I hope to grow my inventory and soon make my first sale to someone who really connects with my work.

Stormy Banyan

Posted at 12:01 pm Apr 30, 2012 EDT

Alison you should add more of your story to your profile! You could literally copy and paste what you wrote here and have possible buyers connect with you and your work even more. :)

Posted at 12:03 pm Apr 30, 2012 EDT

Fiona says


Great to be part of this lovely freindly team!! I have been absolutely blown away by the talent here on Etsy...There is obviously a plethora of talented individuals busily creating their own little piece of magic to make our world a more beautiful place!!
My story is quite simple really: due to a period of ill health in my life about 7 years ago I started making cards...just finding my feet at first as the papercrafting world is vast with a huge array of techniques and materials!! So I really enjoyed exploring these techniques from stamping and embossing to decoupage, distressing and die-cutting....I could go on as there are so many techniques!!
I sold them to friends and family and had many stalls in my local area. Then I got a little bored with just making cards so started using the papercrafting techinques I had learned to make boxes, journals and coasters...
I love Etsy for so many reasons...mainly because I guess there is so much joy to be found in just looking and adding items to your favourites but I get so much inspiration too from others..especially when I make treasury lists. I find this a great way to find items you may not normally search for. For example I recently did one about a magical garden, featuring Alice in Wonderland with the rabbit hole and the tea party....next thing I knew I was designing an Alice in Wonderland box in my head!!

Right now I am making an 18th century inspired French box....Alice in Wonderland is next on the list!!

Happy crafting everyone!!

Fiona x

Posted at 4:46 am May 9, 2012 EDT

Hi all, nice to meet you :o)
I'm June, and I'm a self-taught jewellery designer and maker.
I've spent the last 18 years as a stay at home mum, 11 of them home educating (home-schooling) my 4 daughters. Still some time to go yet too as my youngest is only 7.
I started making jewellery as a hobby about 7 years ago, using a pair of jewellery pliers my nan had given me in a box of treasure that I'd stored away. At the time I didn't know what they were, but as soon as I wanted to make something I realised they were just the right size! After about a year I went through a period of doubting my abilities, doubts fuelled by someone negative in my life at the time. We were also trying to sell our house back then so I packed the beads up and forgot about them for 5 or 6 years.
Then 18 months ago a friend wanted to commission a bracelet for someone special to him, and I got my beads and pliers back out. I was only going to make his bracelet, but then I got the urge to make again. Friends started putting their orders in and that gave me a lot of my confidence back :o) I set up a Facebook page, and then started to use my Etsy account too. I also have a table at a small Country Market every week, which is very quiet but it gives me some child-free time and I love it.
My designs are heavy on the charms, and I'm inspired by the gorgeous Dorset countryside, folk tales, fairies, the changing seasons and nature in general, and my dreams.
Anyhow, looking forwards to getting to know you all :o)

Posted at 3:01 pm May 10, 2012 EDT

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