Rotterdam Square Mall Farmer Market Problem need a bit of extra help from everyone

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Original Post

Etsy has decided that I am spaming people so I can no longer tell the talented people of etsy about this wonderful opportunity. With out causing trouble for yourself please pass on the in formation about the market to people you know. If you know anyone that is outside of etsy that is a local vendor please pass on the information also. I will try to seek other local artisans and handcrafters to tell about this opportunity, but it will be harder to reach all the talented people of the Capital District. :(


Posted at 9:44pm Apr 19, 2012 EDT


ps not to forget vintage/antique dealers who spend so much time seeking out the wonderful items they find.


Posted at 9:46pm Apr 19, 2012 EDT

I passed on the information already to all of the people at my stitch n *itch. They showed quite a bit of initial interest.

Posted at 1:07pm Apr 21, 2012 EDT

Wonderful, we had alot of fun this weekend. Please let them know they can contact me at

Posted at 7:00am Apr 22, 2012 EDT