Team Serenity Relisted Listings

Who can join?

Team Serenity is a moderated team with the following requirements:

If your shop does not adhere to the Etsy rules, your membership will be denied
**ALL New Threads MUST be approved by leader or

This team does have a yearly check in and if your shop does not meet the below requirements it will be removed, Thanks.

1. You must cross promote team shops
2. You must be an active member, participating at least monthly, I recommend weekly.
3. You must be able to utilize social media
4. You must be active within a month of signing up.

No limitations or restrictions on what you offer in your shop except obscene items. This team does have certain requirements in place. The most important one is being able to cross promote and stay an active member monthy. All I ask is that you promote members as much as possible & be involved as much as you can. You don't need to do it everyday just at your own schedule, we all should try and help each other! Each & every team member's involvement helps make this team successful!
With the exception of Vintage and Supplies, categories on Etsy are for handmade items. Handmade items must be created by the seller operating the Etsy shop (or a member of that shop).
Please use tag "team serenity" in listings and Treasuries so they will be easier to find, Thanks!

PLEASE DO NOT START NEW THREADS~ duplicate threads will be deleted, Thanks!
I have added official team threads for certain topics for example: GIVEAWAYS, TRADE LIST, and COUPON CODES & SHOP SALES. Please post in the appropriate threads.

Please introduce your shop in the WELCOME THREAD!­0/

Please post all your networking links here:­3/

Remember this team was created for everyone to be involved and help each other and to have fun!

Remember to always follow the Etsy Do's & Dont's.

TRADING Etsy's Rules
If you choose to trade, both sellers need to agree to the trade by Conversation, email or other communication before the transactions occur so there is no confusion about the method of payment. Keep the items listed at their full value so that no Etsy fees are avoided. Remember: you are still receiving payment for your item; it just happens to be in the form of another item instead of money. Be sure you and the other seller check out the items via Etsy's Checkout so there is record of the transactions.

As a seller, if you are open to trade offers with other sellers, you may wish to put this information in your Shop Announcement or on your Shop Policies page. This way other sellers will know it is acceptable to send you a Conversation with an offer to trade.

No seller is obligated to participate in trading, and each seller determines their own acceptable payment methods for their shop. If you receive a trade request and you are not interested, please politely decline

Please do not open new threads, any threads opened without prior permission will be removed.

*You will occasionally receive messages regarding team events and are encouraged to follow the team blog*

**If your shop is in violation of any Etsy rules you will automatically be denied membership***

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Please post any relisted items in this thread, Thanks!

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