Full-time Sellers Add Your New Items!

Who can join?

Full-time Sellers is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Full-time Sellers Team is a moderated team. Your application will be reviewed by a team leader.

Before you join Full-time Sellers Team, please note the team charter:

Please look carefully at the following description, and if you meet all the criteria, please apply so we can study your shop and accept you to the team.

1. You must comment on the 5 previous treasuries above yours.
2. Post only ONE treasury each time.
3. Wait 5 posts before you post another treasury.

The most important rule FAVORITE and HEART.

4: Your shop must have perfect pictures so as to perfectly fit in treasuries made by team members.

5: You must make at least 2 treasuries per week with at least 5 team members in the first 3 rows.

If you do not meet the conditions 6 you will be immediately excluded from the Full-time team, because we want this team to comprise only serious people who invest for themselves and for others as well.

6: You will need to tag the treasury Fulltime
Tagging will help us get recognition.

7: If you apply for membership and your application is declined because you do not meet membership requirements, you can always reapply later, once you meet them.

This team is brand new and the rules may change at any time.

Feel free to write to the captain if you have any questions, do not worry if you do not receive a reply immediately, everyone will be answered to.

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