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Original Post

Maggie from 2trUe says

Has anyone ever done a show by gingerbread shows? They are all 3 day mall shows so I wanted to get some review on whether they are worth signing up for. Thanks!

Posted at 5:13 pm Feb 23, 2013 EST


I did one of their shows years ago and it was Terrible!! There were hardly any vendors (less than half were handmade) there and not many customers who were interested in crafts.

Though in fairness all Mall shows I did (this was 7 years ago or so) were horrible, not just theirs. I think mall goers are just wanting to do their shopping and most are just not interested in crafts. Personally I'll never do another mall show (no matter who puts it on).

Now, back to the gingerbread shows :) I have also attended some in the past couple years (wondering if they were any better) and they were still bad. I went to one at Southdale there were only about 25 vendors, 6 of which were handmade, the rest were resell or junk (one person was selling regular bed pillows and sheets that looked like they came straight from marshalls or something O.o). I also went to the one at HarMar last year and there were maybe 10-12 vendors and only 2-3 handmade! Awful!

So, I guess that's a thumbs down from me :D

Posted at 3:28 am Feb 24, 2013 EST

I think with the malls it may depend on the time of year. I was over at Maplewood last weekend while the show was going on and there were only 6 or 7 vendors and only half were craft stuff. I am thinking about doing the one at Como Park on Memorial day weekend, but don't know much about it.

Posted at 8:46 am Feb 24, 2013 EST

Molly Wulf says

I have not done the Gingerbread shows before, but I am signed up for the Como Park show. My experience has been that outdoor shows are way better, and Como Park is always busy! Hoping for the best!

Posted at 3:59 pm Mar 11, 2013 EDT

We just registered for the Princeton Street Fair one. We have been avoiding Gingerbread shows because we have heard mixed reviews and prefer to avoid shows that allow non hand made items. We decided to do this one because Princeton is my home town and thought it would be fun. So far I am not impressed with their communication. They responded quickly when I inquired about registering and made sure they got their money as soon as I sent the forms in. Then, once we paid, they have not answered any of my questions or provided me with any information regarding the show. I am not concerned about being scammed. Just a little put off by the complete lack of response to my questions. Unless we do really well at the show I don't think we will do any more through them. I am very interested to hear how your experience goes next weekend Molly!

Posted at 9:15 am May 17, 2013 EDT

Molly Wulf says

Ah man, that is too bad! I hope it goes well for you! I will let you know how Como Park goes!

Posted at 11:33 am May 17, 2013 EDT

Park was a bust. Not a single vendor had ever done the show before, which means past years have been just as bad as this year was. If the weather was better things may have been slightly better, but as it was half of the 15 or so people decided not to show up the second day. Then the people that did show up on Sunday weren't selling anything and called it a day after only 4 hours. I drove over there on Monday morning just to see and only the food vendors and businesses like Star Tribune were there. I might consider something like Rum River or Jesse James Days because there will be advertising beyond Gingerbread, but I'm not sure yet. I'm afraid that they will be out of the way like Como Park was and people just won't make the effort to come by.

Posted at 6:15 pm May 27, 2013 EDT

Hey Shawn- thanks for checking in about the Como park Gingerbread show.
I almost went, just to check it out but talked myself out of it :)

Sounds like a total bust. I swear the only reason that company is still in business is because there are always a few newbies who don't know how bad they are. it's sad 'cause I bet some of those people will never do a show again after that.

Posted at 9:19 pm May 27, 2013 EDT

Ugh. We had avoided the gingerbread shows like the plague but then signed up for the Princeton Rum River one solely because I am from Princeton and thought it would be fun. Here's hoping we at least do well enough to cover the outrageous show fee.

Posted at 8:42 am May 28, 2013 EDT

Molly Wulf says

Como Park WAS A BUST! Weather didn't help, but advertising was terrible and we were no where near the zoo or the rides (there was also no advertising in that area either). Never again!

Posted at 11:54 am May 28, 2013 EDT

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