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Original Post

Hi everyone

there are so many teams but I couldn't find a UK one specially for pet lovers so that's why I made this!

I am Sandra, living in Hull, with my partner and 6 cats - Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby, May, Sparky and Dexter. We also foster for Cat's Protection.

In the past I've had all sorts of pets - a dog, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas. Really I just love all animals, but cats are special :-)

Posted at 4:50 pm May 1, 2012 EDT



I'm Sara from Dorset, and I have 4 bunnies, and shares in a Westie, 3 guinea pigs and a budgie :)

Posted at 4:29 am May 3, 2012 EDT

Hi sara - just the two of us at the moment!

Posted at 12:19 pm May 3, 2012 EDT

I'm sure there will soon be more :D

Posted at 2:08 pm May 3, 2012 EDT

Hello! My name is Dace, I live in Swansea, and I have three cats, a pygmy hedgehog and I'm currently jonesing to get a gecko.

Posted at 1:17 pm May 13, 2012 EDT

Hi Dace :)

Posted at 4:11 pm May 13, 2012 EDT

Hi Dace. A pygmy hedgehog! I didn't know there was such a thing. I'm going to google for a picture :-)

Posted at 4:59 pm May 13, 2012 EDT


My Name is Michaella, friends call me Mika. I am from Israel, a breeder and a proud owner of Saluki dogs, having currently 5 and 4 cats in my family on four legs. We all live in the lovely country of Israel.
I create my art from basic materials, I select my materials in small amounts so every item is unique and there are never two that are exactly the same. A few items of each are produced and then I move to the next line of work. You are welcome to come and visit my store, if you become a Facebook fan you will get a 10% off coupon on every purchase so you can constantly enjoy the shop's discounts. Nice to be here!

Posted at 9:39 am Jun 11, 2012 EDT

Just joined Etsy and found this team.I live in Cardiff, design animal themed jewellery and am owned by our beautiful cat Bobby who is my muse. I also blog about cats and animal welfare and have written for German pet magazines. I couldn't be without our Bobby, she always brightens up the day even when it rains down like at the moment. She's a rescue from CPand was found in bin fending for herself when she was just a few weeks old. Despite her bad start in life she has grown to be a healthy and sweet little cat.

Posted at 10:01 am Jul 6, 2012 EDT

Hello all! Lovely to find this group! I live in Chelmsford in Essex. Always been an animal lover, I have a little Yorkshire terrier named Teddy! Love him to bits but he does love to escape! Once he escaped through the back gate late at night.. everyone thought he had come in, the next morning we had a call at 6am telling us he had been found near our local supermarket, bedraggled and covered in branches! Thankfully he was not hurt whatsoever, but was of course very happy to have got away with such an adventure!

Dace, I have wanted a pygmy hedgehog for a while now, what are they like to keep as pets?

Posted at 9:34 pm Aug 7, 2012 EDT

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