New Etsians and Part-time Etsians how effective is the promtion tools of etsy

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Original Post

Anyone tried the promo channels of etsy? E.g. listing in the top section of the search result?
Is it an effective way to draw views and more importantly - sales?

And how many items in the shop to worth that effort?

Would like to hear from those experienced.

Posted at 11:18 am May 27, 2012 EDT


That's a good question!! I would like to know also!!

Posted at 12:09 am Jul 12, 2012 EDT

Does anyone use Search Ads? If so, have you had any success with this tool? I am currently using them, but have only had one sale from it. Trying to decide if this is worth my dollars. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks team!

Posted at 8:57 am Aug 16, 2012 EDT

From what I've read in various Team Discussions, the Search Ads just isn't worth it. I won't use it.

Posted at 9:26 am Aug 29, 2012 EDT

I have two shops, and I'm also promoting with search adds. I have had so many impressions....but very little viewing/favoriting from them....and so far, no sales.

So, if search ads aren't worth it, what is a more effective way to get your items noticed?

How does one use these effectively? And how do we turn those "favorites" into sales!? Sorry to hijack this thread, but thought these were useful additions to discuss.

Posted at 9:46 am Sep 2, 2012 EDT

Recently, I renew my listings separately i.e. at different time slots and found it more effectively drawing traffic than listing several all at the same time.

I have also found some traffic from Pinterest but wonder why, as I have never pinned my pics there.

Posted at 9:49 pm Sep 4, 2012 EDT

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