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Original Post

Hello everyone,

I'm always looking for new inspiration and often times that comes from walking the isle of a newly found artist supply shop. Since we're all locals here I'd love it if you could share your favorite local arts & crafts supply shops.

It could be your favorite fabric, yarn, beads, second hand shop, etc...

As handy as it is, we probably all have a Michaels in our towns, so let’s leave the big chain stores out of the discussion. Lets promote those great privately owned Mom & Pops!

Here are two of my favorites...

Kiowa Rose Beads An amazing bead shop in historic Niles Historic District.
ScrapBook Island in San Jose The best selection of fancy papers I've found & very close to my home :)

Posted at 10:06pm May 27, 2012 EDT


Here is a bead store in San Jose I used to work at, called Beads 'N Things. They have almost everything I ever need for making jewelry. And WAY better quality than the jewelry supplies sold at Michaels.

Green Planet Yarn
Located in Campbell, this place is a bit pricey but has an amazing selection of eco-friendly and high-end yarn, like silk, alpaca, bamboo, etc.

Affordable Treasures
This is actually a party supply store in Los Gatos, but they have a lot of cool craft items, too. Chances are whatever I'm having a hard time finding elsewhere, I can find it here.

And because my Etsy shop is a metaphysical store, I often get supplies from my local metaphysical store in Campbell, Moonfyre Metaphysical.

Posted at 7:09pm May 29, 2012 EDT

Gonna check out Beads 'N Things for sure. I know and love all the others mentioned. Thanks fopr the tip!

Posted at 9:58pm May 29, 2012 EDT

I am a big fan of Beads n things too - if you are trying to learn something new the staff is very helpful in pointing you to the right direction!

Majority of my materials is purchased from their shop!

Posted at 10:47pm May 29, 2012 EDT

Thanks for the posting this, I also look for inspiration and good supply stores. Will check out beads and things for sure. There is also a store in Castro Valley called "Glorious Beads" thats really nice and they give classes there too, I like the athmosphare in the store.

I also shop at kiowa rose I like this store and have spent a lot of money there almost go there every other week so it came as a surprise to me when my male companion asked to use there bathroom they would not let him. Maybe this sounds of, but after driveing a half hour to get there and spending this much money and being a regular customer I found it extremly rude from these people. And if they didn't have stuff that is hard to get somewhere else I would not go there again. I know this is not a store critic but I just had to vent this.

Posted at 2:55am May 30, 2012 EDT

I don't know the situation there, but I've worked a lot of retail over the years and in some places I worked I've actually been threatened with being let go if I allowed anyone to use the bathroom. The reason was that the store's insurance didn't cover anyone who was not staff being in any area of the store not open to the public. Two places I worked had incidents where they did let people use the bathroom before, and then one day someone slipped or tripped on stuff and then the store owners held their breath hoping that the people wouldn't sue. In our lawsuit-happy society, you can't be too careful. I even had people argue with me over the policy or yell at me, and all I could tell them was that it wasn't worth me losing my job over. So try not to take it personally, it's probably just store policy for reasons like that.

Poor Beads N Things, they've been there for, like, 14 years... and so many locals still don't know about them! I'm always happy to send Nancy more customers, so thanks in advance for going to check it out. ;)

Posted at 1:47pm May 30, 2012 EDT

I love Eddie's Quilting Bee in Sunnyvale for fabric and sewing supplies. They often have big sales so I'll go in and stock up then. They get packed when they have sales so only go if you have some time to spend :)

Posted at 3:53pm May 30, 2012 EDT

Have any of you tried antique stores ? This past weekend I went to a great antique store that had a lovely jewelry supply selection!

If only I could remember the store name..

Posted at 11:09pm Oct 31, 2012 EDT

I use Frei and Borel in the Phelan building in SF for a lot of things. Their main warehouse/store is in Oakland. They tend to be a bit pricer than Rio Grande on most things, but you dont have to pay for shipping, so often larger equipment comes out in your favor.

Posted at 2:34am Nov 1, 2012 EDT

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