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Original Post

Here is a thread to show off what new products you have for the month of May!

Posted at 9:48pm May 7, 2012 EDT


Tim from teaman says

Hi folks, I am having a sale...I just put these hand blended teabags on sale...healthy, delicious and drastically reduced...only $2.00 for 25 or $4.00 for 50!~

Peach black tea in teabags

Strawberry black tea in teabags

Darjeeling/Ceylon black tea in teabags

Strawberry/Vanilla black tea in teabags

Gingerbread black tea in teabags

Black Raspberry black tea in teabags

With over 50 different hand blended teabags there is something for everyone. Most are delicious hot or iced plus I offer Tea Samplers, Gift Tins, Tea Chests plus a brand new line of Loose Leaf Teas!

Posted at 12:09am May 8, 2012 EDT

Meagan says

One of my most popular fragrances now comes in a 4 pack!

Posted at 10:26am May 8, 2012 EDT

We're having a huge sale in our shop as part of our fundraiser for Good Shepard Food Bank and could use all of the sale we can get. For the month of May 100% of our profits will go to the food bank! Find wonderful coupons within each listing that will save you up to 25%!!!

Posted at 6:36pm May 8, 2012 EDT